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Motor menagerie.

Just a fraction of what's available to designers

Factory automation applications and machine tools call for fast response, accurate control, and high torque-to-inertia ratios in high performance motion control devices. Servosystems require precision in positioning and velocity control to meet the needs of machine tools, robotics, and automation systems. Here's a sampling of motors, drives, and controllers - from fractional on up - that pack a lot of muscle into small packages:

Some devices like the SmartMotor line from Animatics Corp, Santa Clara, CA, are designed for both position control and velocity control. The newest addition to the line is a 1 hp size. The SmartMotor is a trajectory servo with position, velocity, and acceleration programmable to 32 bits and, thus, is suitable for point-to-point positioning, as well as for holding extremely precise velocities. The controller, amplifier, encoder, PLC, power supplies, and a network manager are all built into its high performance brushless DC servomotor. Animatics has also added another member to its Series 5000 line of combination servocontroller and amplifier modules: the CD5120/CD5220 controller available in single- and dual-axis versions with built-in 20 amp universal brushed/brushless drives. Animatics Corp, Santa Clara, CA

Rugged construction of 4100 Series brush-type DC servo motors from the Servo Motor Div of Cleveland Machine Controls, Billerica, MA, meets IP-65 standards for use in harsh environments for such applications as machine tools, factory automation, robotics, as well as packaging and food processing. The 4100 series of 4[inches] permanent magnet motors is designed for high performance in direct drive or geared servo systems and is available in four motor lengths with ten standard winding options per motor length. The 4100 is designed to interface with CMC's PWM servo amplifiers. Options include optical encoders, tachometers, resolvers, gearheads, and brakes. Features include high torque-to-inertia ratios and low cogging for smooth operation. Continuous torque ratings range from 12 lb-in to 48 lb-in with peak torque ranges from 60 lb-in to 240 lb-in. Torque Systems/Cleveland Machine Controls, Billerica, MA

For controlling high speed precision velocity and position motion, Delta Tau Data Systems has combined its PMAC2 board with the Lite configuration for a single-slot four-axis, multitasking motion controller. It can commutate and control brush DC, brushless AC, AC vector, stepping and switched reluctance motors in high speed precision velocity and position motion. The PMAC2-Lite can perform digitally all the required motion control tasks, such as trajectory planning, interpolation, position loop, velocity loop, motor phase commutation, and current loop control. The PMAC2-Lite can store 256 motion programs and 64 PLC programs in its permanent onboard memory using BASIC-like and RS274 (G codes) or simple ASCII language. Delta Tau Data Systems, Northridge, CA

Seiberco Inc, Braintree, MA, has introduced two advanced integrated motion control systems, the HX and LX, for use in Seiberco's brushless DC Sensorimotor technology designed for hostile environments such as high electrical noise, mechanical vibration, and temperature extremes. The HX and LX systems offer OEM manufacturers of printing, packaging, electronic assembly equipment, and small material handling robot systems, greater performance and design flexibility. Seiberco's drive and motor combinations are available with stall torques from 100 to 1000 oz-in, developing 150 to 1250 W of peak power in the 1500 to 3000 rpm range. Seiberco Inc, Braintree, MA

The PC58 multiaxis programmable motion control board from Oregon Micro Systems Inc combines both servo and stepper motor control on a single board of four to eight axes with an AT (ISA) bus interface. The PC58 family of single board motion controllers provides closed loop for both servos and stepper as well as open loop for steppers. Smooth, high resolution, high speed, and minimal torque ripple are features of the PC58 family of motion control products. A PID filter, incorporating the encoder feedback, is provided in real time for servocontrol and position error correction. Many velocity profiles are available for programmed motion for both closed and open loop operation, linear interpolation at constant velocity (up to 8 axes), circular interpolation, synchronized and independent operation are programmed via ASCII command strings. Oregon Micro Systems Inc, Beaverton, OR

The DRV Series Multi-Axis Smart Driver System delivers precision joystick control and serves as a multiaxis driver unit for many PC-based motion controllers. It can be integrated into many common motion control applications including linear/rotary stage control, robotics, automated assembly systems, winders, machine tools, pick and place, automated inspection, microscope positioning, antenna and telescope positioning, coordinate measurement machines, and optical comparators. It is available in 3-axis, 2-axis, and single-axis versions and includes built-in drivers, limited function indexers and a power supply. Continuum Engineering Inc, Canoga Park, CA
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Date:Feb 1, 1997
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