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Motor controller fuses.

* high-speed protection for controllers

* handles overloads 135% of rating

High-Speed Class J (HSJ) fuses have been engineered specifically for the operating characteristics of electronic motor controllers. In one Class J package, the UL 2488 Listed fuse will provide advanced protection for electronic motor controllers by delivering both the branch circuit protection required by the NEC and the high-speed protection necessary to protect drives' and soft-starters' sensitive internal electronics. Capable of clearing overloads down to 135% of their rating and offering a very low [I.sup.2]t, HSJ fuses are easily coordinated with most drives and soft-starters and work seamlessly with existing Class J fuse blocks and holders. Available in ampere ratings from 15A to 600A, the HSJ fuses are rated 600 VAC/500 VDC, with a 200 kA interrupting rating. Both ferrule and blade configurations are available.

Ferraz Shawmut Inc, Newburyport, MA. Circle 109, or

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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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