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Motor Max.

Byline: Mike Torpey

A SPECIAL edition Ford Fiesta Silver becomes available this week for pounds 10,995.

It's a luxury package, with more than pounds 1,350 worth of equipment added over the usual 1.4litre petrol, threedoor,Ghia model.

SAAB'Sfirst off-roader, the 9-7X, will make its world debut at the 2004 New York Auto Show next April,and will go on sale a year later.

It will allow Saab to join the growing north American mid-luxury sport utility vehicle market,one of the fastest growing market segments the re. More details of the new SUV will be announced nearer the launch. THE entire range of Smart cars scored the highest possible rating of occupant protection from whiplash. The news came as safety experts,Thatcham, issued their annual ratings for head protection in cars,after putting more than 400 new vehicles through stringent tests.

ONE in five drivers in Britain have admitted to running out of petrol in a survey carried out by motoring assistance provider Green Flag.

Greatest culprits were men (21%)compared with 17% of women drivers who admitted to having run out of fuel at some time.

Green Flag says it handles around 8,000 call-outs a year from drivers who have failed to keep a close eye on the gauge.

A FREE guidance booklet for mini bus drivers is being made available by IAM Fleet, the commercial training division of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Most mini buses in the UK are driven by people such as charity volunteers, teachers and scout group leaders. Their responsibilities and challenges tend to be grossly underestimated, says IAMFleet.

Unlike coach drivers, who take a special driving test,minibus drivers who passed their car test before January 1997 a renot required to undergo any further training or tests.

The booklet,Minibus Driving -Your Skill, Their Care,gives detailed guidance subjects including legal requirements,loading, driving techniques and hazard avoidance. Free copies from IAM Fleet on 0845 310311.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 2, 2003
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