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MotomoTechWon Develops World's First Smart PC with Zero Watt of Standby Power.

Ilsan Gyeonggido, South Korea, Jan 18, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - MotomoTechWon (President: Jeon Yeong-suk, ), an energy and environmental device company in Korea, developed a new eco-friendly computer 'SAVE PC' adopting green technology, the first of its kind in the world.

The 'SAVE PC' adopteda core technology that can prevent leakage of standby power by 100% to zero watt.

The standby power refers to electric power that is consumed by an electric appliance while its power is turned off. Standby power continuously leaks from PCs, electric rice cookers, TVs, gas stoves, washing machines and refrigerators as long as they don't pull their plugs out of the wall at home. For instance, when a family has a PC at home, it consumes 142KWh of standby power, emitting 65Kg of CO2 and paying 17,000 won of additional power charges annually.

Installed with the innovative 'Standby Power Cutoff Apparatus for Computer'(SPCAC) chip, 'SAVE PC' can block leakage of standby power by 100%, reducing power charges by 10% and emission of CO2 by 3Kga year.

Key technology of the SPCAC chip is designed in such a way that its circuits will be broken if it is removed from the circuit board of PCs (desktop PCs and multi-function printers) or is disassembled for duplication.

Unlike products ofother companies that are installed with an auxiliary battery, SPCAC chip can completely block standby power by turning off its power switch, which is equivalent to pulling plug of the PC out of the wall.

President Jeon Yeong-suk of MotomoTechWon said, "The amount of money wasted by leaking power through plugs of standby electronic appliances is enormous. Our innovative technology that incurs no standby power charge satisfies rigorous carbon reduction standards of the climate change conventionand is expected to attract attention from fastidious customers in the United States and EU as it cuts consumption of energy."

President Jeon continued, "Existing standby power-related products in Korea and other countries pretended to be green products. But our core chip technology that makes zero of standby power is a unique invention in the world that cannot be imitated by others."

MotomoTechWon plans to launch SAVE PC in March 2012.


Kim Jeong-hoon

Chairman of MotomoTechWon



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Date:Jan 18, 2012
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