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Moto G 15 Essential Tips and Tricks for Google Now, Google Launcher, Moto Care, Motorola Assist, RAM Management and More.

Moto G from Motorola may be a budget but there are several tricks hidden inside the $180 Android smartphone. Here are 15 tips and tricks you can use for everyday daily tasks.

Using Nexus 5 Google Experience

Google Experience is an exclusive interface used by Nexus 5 via Android KitKat and if you managed to update your Moto G with the same version, you may be able to use the same interface by tweaking some parts.

1. ( Download the Android app for Google Experience.

2. Use a file manager such as ES File Explorer then install it. You need to enable Unknown Source permission first.

3. Launch the Google Experience on your Moto G.

Moto Care Assistance

Moto Care features help on various things about your Moto G. Go to the App menu and select Moto Care. Now search whatever you want, review tutorials and read guides or try the live chat from a customer support for real-time assistance.

Bumper Case

Don't forget to purchase a bumper case to protect the sides of your Moto G. It will help resist damages and shocks from accidental bumps.

Transferring Contacts

You can easily copy contacts from your old Android smartphone to Moto G using the ( Motorola Migrate app. Install it on your old smartphone then follow the instructions for the copying process for Moto G.

Maintain Optimal Performance

Sadly, Motorola only installed 1 GB of RAM chip on Moto G which scarce for intense multitasking processes. Install a task killer app from the Play Store to keep optimal performance during the day. Be reminded that you should check out review first before downloading this kind of app for safety reasons.

Secure Moto G

In addition to having a task managing app, install an antivirus or similar app to protect the system from malware or theft. Avast for Mobile is one of many apps which provides real-time security against viruses, block irritating numbers and anti-theft feature.

Gesture Typing

If you like Swype-like controls on your keyboard, install the Google Keyboard app from the Play Store. It allows you to use the latest swiping gesture over the keyboard to type messages and texts.

Never Ignore the Camera

Although the isn't as good as high-range smartphones, Moto G can still capture decent images with video recording, High-Dynamic Range and geo tagging.

Solving Parsing Errors

If your Moto G prevents you from installing APK files from other sources except Google Play Store called Parsing Error, you can upload the APK file using Google Drive and have it stored there. Now use the Google Drive cloud storage system on your Moto G then download the APK file from there so your phone can install it.

Lock Screen Shortcuts

Moto G's lock screen isn't only designed to prevent accidentally opening apps but also feature shortcuts and widgets. You can put widgets, camera shortcut and more on the lock screen but if you are running Android KitKat, go to Settings > Security > Enable widgets to be use the feature.

HDR Mode

Taking pictures using Moto G is decent enough but if you wanted more than that level, use the HDR mode instead. Swipe left to right from the camera app interface to launch the HDR mode.

Capturing Screen

Use the Power key and Volume down button at the same time to get a screenshot of your screen.

Getting More Storage

Motorola didn't enable microSD card support on Moto G and so storage can be small specially on the 8 GB variant. Use Google Drive's 15 GB free online storage instead to expand space via Cloud service.

Motorola Assist

Enable conditions on your Moto G such as going hands-free inside your car or play music. Launch the Motorola Assist app to make the smartphone smarter by monitoring your sleeping hours, driving time and meeting schedule.

Voice Activation

Unlock other Android KitKat devices, Moto X can hear the phrase "Google Now" and listen to your command. In Moto G, use the ( Open Mic+ to activate Google Now feature without touching the device.
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