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The ABCs of successful vaccinations: A role for psychiatry. Freudenreich, Oliver; Van Alphen, Manjola U.; Lim, Carol Mar 1, 2021 578
Managing Paediatric Growth Disorders: Integrating Technology Into a Personalised Approach. Child, Jenny; Davies, Christine; Frost, Katie; McDermid, Eleanor; Pidcock, Rachel; Weinman, John; Sa Sep 1, 2020 5080
Virtual Nature as an Intervention for Reducing Stress and Improving Mood in People with Substance Use Disorder. Reynolds, Lori; Rogers, Oaklee; Benford, Andrew; Ingwaldson, Ammie; Vu, Bethany; Holstege, Tiffany; Jun 30, 2020 5470
Unleashed: The Power of Them--Alignment and Engagement, Part 2. Wallace, Stephen Gray Jan 1, 2020 3021
Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best: Motivational Interviewing in Sports. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 138
Motivational Strategies to Prevent Frailty in Older Adults with Diabetes: A Focused Review. Vaccaro, J.A.; Gaillard, T.; Huffman, F.G.; Vieira, E.R. Dec 31, 2019 6591
Impact of a Tailored Nutrition and Lifestyle Intervention for Overweight Cancer Survivors on Dietary Patterns, Physical Activity, Quality of Life, and Cardiometabolic Profiles. Spees, Colleen K.; Braun, Ashlea C.; Hill, Emily B.; Grainger, Elizabeth M.; Portner, James; Young, Dec 31, 2019 10984
Commentary for "The wellness incentive and navigation intervention improved health-related quality of life among medicaid enrollees: A randomized pragmatic clinical trial". Hibbard, Judith; Greene, Jessica Dec 1, 2019 1935
The Wellness Incentive and Navigation intervention improved health-related quality of life among Medicaid enrollees: A randomized pragmatic clinical trial. Guo, Yi; Vogel, Walter Bruce; Muller, Keith E.; Ba, Dena Stoner; Ms., Tianyao Huo; Shenkman, Elizabe Dec 1, 2019 6517
Motivational Interviewing for Providers Managing Adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis. Hermann, Erin W.; Davis, Sharon K. Nov 1, 2019 3769
MOTIVATING CHANGE: When Being Stuck ls the Sticking Point. Overtree, Christopher E. Sep 1, 2019 2740
Attitudes and beliefs towards physical activity participation in individuals with below-knee amputation. Jayakaran, Prasath; Perry, Meredith; Kondov, Marko; McPherson, Tessa; Sutherland, Leigh; Wypych, Ade Jul 1, 2019 7470
Humanizing the Assessment Process: How the RARE Model Informs Best Practices. Leaderman, Emilie Clucas; Polychronopoulos, Gina B. Jun 22, 2019 6144
Treating Impulsive, Addictive, and Self-Destructive Behaviors: Mindfulness and Modification Therapy. Book review Jun 1, 2019 118
Motivational Interviewing: Improving Confidence With Self-care Management in Postoperative Thoracolumbar Spine Patients. Scheffel, Kimberly; Amidei, Christina; Fitzgerald, Kathleen A. Report Jun 1, 2019 4002
Motivational interviewing: The RULES, PACE, and OARS. Haque, Shariq F.; D'Souza, Allen Jan 1, 2019 984
Endocrine Society raises concerns about FDA's 'safe' classification of bisphenol A in food containers. Craven, Jeff Nov 1, 2018 855
The influence of bisphenol a in the development of obesity/ A INFLUENCIA DO BISFENOL A NO DESENVOLVIMENTO DA OBESIDADE. Zanetti, Camilla Christina Silva de Almeida; de Carvalho, Celine Furtado; Jamar, Giovana Nov 1, 2018 3664
Therapeutic Lifestyle Intervention in Church Helpful for BP Control; Intervention plus motivational interviewing better than health education alone for black adults. Oct 30, 2018 249
Evaluacion del impacto de un programa de formacion en Entrevista Motivacional a enfermeria nefrologica/Assessing the impact of a training program in motivational interviewing to nephrology nursing. Garcia-Llana, Helena; Serrano, Raquel; Cancio, Hernan Oct 1, 2018 4064
Recommendations reinforce referrals. Oct 1, 2018 379
A Dynamic Systems Approach to "Well-Centered Fitness". Armstrong, W. Jeffrey Report Sep 22, 2018 2468
Make Your Wishes About You (MY WAY): Using Motivational Interviewing to Foster Advance Care Planning for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Anderson, Elizabeth; Aldous, Annette; Lupu, Dale Report Sep 1, 2018 8164
The Effects of the Addiction Programme of Probation on Treatment Motivation, Abstinence and Quality of Life: a Comparative Study with Motivational Interviewing and Individual Intervention. Aldemir, Ebru; Berk, Gunes; Coskunol, Hakan Report Sep 1, 2018 10367
Safety operations in a community corrections setting: One agency's perspective-Arizona Department of Corrections, Community Corrections. Dorman, Holly; O'connell, Paul; Ryan, Charles L. Sep 1, 2018 1941
The Art of Integrative Counseling, 4th Edition. Book review Sep 1, 2018 275
Behavioral Medicine Interventions for Adult Primary Care Settings: A Review. Funderburk, Jennifer S.; Shepardson, Robyn L.; Acker, John; Possemato, Kyle; Wray, Jennifer; Beehler Sep 1, 2018 17074
Water and Fish Quality of Aquaculture Pond Adjacent to Intensive Pesticides Application Agro-System. Abbassy, Moustafa Mohamed Saleh Report Aug 1, 2018 4895
Early Life Stress at Mission Santa Catalina de Guale: An Integrative Analysis of Enamel Defects and Dentin Incremental Isotope Variation in Malnutrition. Garland, Carey J.; Reitsema, Laurie J.; Larsen, Clark Spencer; Thomas, David Hurst Mar 22, 2018 13165
Training First-Year College Students to Intervene in Alcohol-Related Emergencies: Addressing Bystander Beliefs and Perceived Consequences of Intervening. Anthenien, Amber M.; Neighbors, Clayton; Rosa, Juliana Dec 1, 2017 5222
Building Motivational Interviewing Skills: A Practitioner Workbook, 2nd Edition. Book review Nov 1, 2017 103
Key Concepts for Counseling Clients Who Are in Law Enforcement. Plummer, Steve Aug 1, 2017 1579
Strengthening the planning process of motivational interviewing using goal attainment scaling. Lewis, Todd F.; Larson, Mary F.; Korcuska, James S. Report Jul 1, 2017 7755
Motivational Interviewing With Offenders: Engagement, Rehabilitation, and Reentry. Book review Jul 1, 2017 120
Codeine misuse and dependence in South Africa: perspectives of addiction treatment providers. Parry, C.D.H.; Rich, E.; van Hout, M.C.; Deluca, P. May 1, 2017 5138
Improving the intake process: customer service, motivational interviewing are crucial. Laird, Michael Apr 1, 2017 1886
Effect of motivational interviewing on weight efficacy lifestyle among women with overweight and obesity: A randomized controlled trial. Mirkarimi, Kamal; Kabir, Mohammad Javad; Honarvar, Mohammad Reza; Ozouni-Davaji, Rahman Berdi; Eri, Report Mar 1, 2017 3679
Home ambience for peritoneal dialysis/Ambiencia domiciliar para a realizacao da dialise peritoneal/Ambiente domiciliario para la realizacion de la dialisis peritoneal. Abud, Ana Cristina Freire; Zanetti, Maria Lucia; Inagaki, Ana Dorcas de Melo; Santos, Andre Faro; Li Jan 2, 2017 3901
Enhancing self-care management of interdialytic fluid weight gain in patients on hemodialysis: a pilot study using motivational interviewing. Crown, Stacy; Vogel, Janet A.; Hurlock-Chorostecki, Christina Report Jan 1, 2017 4215
Evaluation of online and in-person motivational interviewing training for healthcare providers. Mullin, Daniel J.; Saver, Barry; Savageau, Judith A.; Forsberg, Lisa; Forsberg, Lars Report Dec 1, 2016 5630
Tools guide obesity and eating disorder counseling. Craig, Jessica Clinical report Sep 1, 2016 403
June 30, 2016 Webinar: Behavioral Health Patient Engagement: Using Motivational Interviewing to Improve Outcomes. Jun 6, 2016 488
There's no need to lose hope for those with complex gambling cases. Enos, Gary A. Mar 22, 2016 723
Motivational interviewing supports patient centered-care and communication. Carr, Dana Deravin Mar 22, 2016 3305
Implementation and evolution of a regional chronic disease self-management program. Liddy, Clare; Johnston, Sharon; Nash, Kate; Irving, Hannah; Davidson, Rachel Report Mar 1, 2016 5863
A systematic review of interventions aimed at reducing binge drinking among college students. Bridges, Ledetra S.; Sharma, Manoj Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 7768
Challenges in developing primary care physicians' motivational interviewing skills. Mullin, Daniel J.; Forsberg, Lisa; Savageau, Judith A.; Saver, Barry Dec 1, 2015 5167
An educational approach for "non-compliant" patients. Whittaker, Geraldine S. Report Sep 22, 2015 3832
BSI: a great wellness opportunity for EAPs. Brown, Richard L.; Lund, Maria; Granberry, Stanford W. Apr 1, 2015 1693
Motivational interviewing: application to end stage renal disease patients. Mehta, Shekhar; Cameron, Karen; Battistella, Marisa Oct 1, 2014 3623
Motivational interviewing nets weight loss in children. London, Susan Report May 15, 2014 892
How can we motivate patients to change? Walter, Miriam Dec 1, 2013 2985
Finding a reason: exploring motivational interviewing as a technique for treating eating disorders. Cassin, Stephanie Report Mar 22, 2011 1291
La entrevista motivacional en adicciones. Torres Carvajal, German Alexander Feb 1, 2010 6486

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