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Motiva Software Corp. and eQuorum -- Formerly CADNET -- Develop Software Integration.

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 13, 1999--

Integration Between Motiva DesignGroup(TM) and

eQuorum(R) Plot Station(R) Streamlines the Plotting Process

Motiva Software Corp. Tuesday announced the completion of an integration between DesignGroup, Motiva's change management solution for technical applications, and Plot Station, eQuorum's network plotting software.

The integration, called "Plot Station for DesignGroup," extends the technical data management functionality of DesignGroup to include greater control over plot outputs. Plot Station for DesignGroup is available from eQuorum now.

The integration between Motiva's and eQuorum's products enables engineering and manufacturing firms who manage their technical data with DesignGroup to better administer their plotting environments. The Plot Station for DesignGroup integration saves time and expense for those who work with engineering and manufacturing documentation, including CAD administrators, designers and accounting personnel within an organization, as well as suppliers, contractors and customers outside of the organization.

The Plot Station for DesignGroup integration provides several customer benefits. Plot Station enables the user to print technical documents without having to launch CAD programs such as AutoCAD(R) or Mechanical Desktop(R). Not only does this save time for CAD users, it allows other users without CAD programs on their machines to view and print documents. With Plot Station, users can set plotting priorities, re-direct jobs to different printers or plotters, store and submit plots in ordered sets, and run batches at night.

In addition, Plot Station for DesignGroup enables users to capture, track and report project and accounting data. Because Plot Station is an open systems plotting solution, it supports multiple file formats, printers, plotters and networks and is ideal for mixed CAD environments.

Motiva DesignGroup is a change management solution which enables engineering and manufacturing firms to store thousands of technical documents in secure vaults, catalogue data automatically, view and retrieve the correct versions of files, track revision histories for audit purposes and manage collaboration and workflow processes.

Motiva DesignGroup reduces time-to-market by making the input, review, approval and communication of change quick and automatic. DesignGroup facilitates collaboration across multiple geographies by providing secure access to critical technical data over the Internet.

"When our customers asked for more control over printing and plotting, we looked to our Dimensions Partner(TM), eQuorum, to help extend the capabilities of DesignGroup," said Bob Pinkerton, vice president of marketing for Motiva Software.

"By creating a seamless integration between the two products we can provide customers with a total solution for change management of technical applications which includes superior printing and plotting functionality."

"CADNET(R), now eQuorum, is known for enabling customers to get high productivity from mixed environments -- those with multiple CAD applications, a variety of printers and plotters, and diverse operating systems," said Agnes Lewis, chief executive officer of eQuorum.

"As a Developer in the Motiva Dimensions Partner Program, we can extend the reach of our core customer base to include Motiva DesignGroup. This is an excellent means to showcase our full range of products and professional services."

About the Motiva Dimensions Partner Program

eQuorum is an integral member of Motiva Software's Dimensions Partner Program, which is comprised of a select group of independent developers, value added resellers (VARs), distributors and consultants worldwide. Developers in the Dimensions Partner Program act as a virtual engineering team, accelerating time-to-market for critical add-ons to DesignGroup and pre-packaged integrations to other enterprise systems and applications.

Dimensions Developers use Motiva Solution Builder(TM), an API toolkit which allows them to develop applications using industry-standard Microsoft(R) programming languages. Solution Builder provides re-usable components of DesignGroup which developers can utilize to rapidly assemble new applications, build connections to other systems and implement new user interfaces.

The Program provides royalty-free redistribution of DesignGroup components, access to Motiva development and systems training, comprehensive technical support, access to Motiva's broad distribution channel and customer base and co-marketing opportunities with Motiva and its technology partners.

About Motiva Software

Motiva Software is an Autodesk(R)-Invested Partner which develops and markets application software to help engineering and manufacturing firms manage and control technical data. DesignGroup, Motiva's flagship product, is the market-leading solution for change management of technical applications for Autodesk customers.

With headquarters in San Diego, Motiva has U.S. regional offices in Boston, Chicago and Houston, and European offices in Paris, Zurich and Guildford. For more information, visit Motiva's Web site at or call 800/MOTIVA1.

About eQuorum

eQuorum is a new company created through the recent merger of CADNET Corp. and Image Machines. eQuorum is a leading provider of network-based plotting solutions for users of AutoCAD, MicroStation(R), Intergraph(R) and other CAD software applications. eQuorum also provides Internet-based solutions for real-time collaboration, document review and markup and document distribution.

With headquarters in Atlanta, eQuorum has offices in Georgia, Virginia and Great Britain. For additional information, call 800/800-7568 or send an e-mail to eQuorum at

Note to Editors: Motiva, Motiva DesignGroup, Motiva Dimensions Partner Program and Solution Builder are trademarks of Motiva Software Corp. in the United States. Plot Station is a registered trademark of CADNET Corp./eQuorum. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 13, 1999
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