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Motion controls.

Motion controls

This section contains servomotors, motion-measurement equipment, and other motion devices used in machine tools.

Monorail guideways

SMR-A and SMR-C monorail guideways incorporate convex rollers to reduce edge pressure and evenly distribute force across roller and guideway surfaces. Convex rollers permit large tolerances in base construction, without any reduction in load capacity.

Line contact of roller elements on precision-ground flat monorail surfaces produces frictionless motion with minimal differential slip. The system is parallel to within 3 microns over a distance of 1000 mm.

Applications include NC machine tools, electronics, semiconductors, automated vision systems, robotics and measurement, and instrumentation.

Schneeberger Inc, Bedford, MA.

Image sensor feedback

Photo-Trak [TM] linear absolute encoder uses a charged-coupled device (CCD) image sensor to achieve resolution of 1 micron and accuracy of 5 microns/meter. It measures absolute linear position at rates of 2 meters/sec and reads position every millisecond. Device compensates for temperature-induced inaccuracies.

Optical components include infrared illumination source, stainless-steel scale, and CCD solid-state image sensor with video electronics. Encoder determines position of light band that falls on CCD through split-pair configurations in scale. Light source and CCD travel entire length of scale up to 2 meters.

Features include factory calibration with laser interferometer, and error tables stored in ROM.

Compumotor Division, Parker Hannifin Corp, Rohnert Park, CA.

AC vector speed drive

VS-626 drives for NC machine tools combine high-speed AC spindle drive motor with a digital vector-controlled, high-performance transistor inverter. The vector control allows users to control the speed within 0.2 percent at a torque load range of 10 percent to 100 percent full load ratings. Speed for AC spindle motors up to 5.5 kW range from 1500 to 8000 rpm, and for 7.5 kW and above, from 1500 to 6000 rpm. Winding selection allows the operator a wide range of constant power. A range of 12:1 can be obtained by winding connections for low and high speed.

The controller is equipped with a trace-back function and a monitoring function to display operational status and improve system reliability. Output power values up to 50 hp can be obtained.

Yaskawa Electric America Inc, Northbrook, IL.

Deep-hole grinding spindle

Direct motorized deep-hole grinding spindles have an effective grinding-length of 80" with an operating speed of 3000 rpm at 7.5 hp. Spindles can be offered as direct-motorized or belt-driven units with standard grease lubrication, as well as optional air-oil systems. Current ranges include effective grinding lengths of 30" to 80", for either new design machines or retrofit of existing machines.

Pope Corp, Haverhill, MA.

Tonnage monitors

System 1000 tonnage monitors can be applied to a variety of machines that use forces in production processes. Applications include mechanical power, presses, press brakes, powdered-metal presses, forging presses, die-casting machines, injection molders, and cold headers. Two- and four-channel versions are available.

The monitors use strain-gage transducers located on appropriate load-bearing machine components to measure and display both total load and load distribution. The measured forces are compared with adjustable high- and low-setpoint limits for each strain-gage-transducer channel. An overload or underload on any channel will trip an alarm circuit that sends a stop signal to the machine control.

Link Systems, Nashville, TN.

Motion-control module

IMC 110 servo-motion controller is designed for single-axis, closed-loop applications with the SLC [TM] 500 line of small programmable logic controllers from Allen-Bradley. The controller requires a single slot in either the fixed-controller extension rack or the modular version of the SLC 500.

The PLC terminal plugs directly into the motion-control module for shop-floor programming. The motion-controller also features three fast inputs, one fast output, encoder feedback, and provides a [+ or -] 10-VDC signal for the servodrive.

Applications include conveyors, rotary tables, linear indexers, transfer lines, drilling stations, and small assembly machines.

Allen-Bradley Co, Brown Deer, WI.

Self-monitoring sensors

Self-monitoring proximity-switch is able to check and verify switch function regardless of output state. Checking takes place using overlaid test pulses on the output signal. This signal is developed so it can be read by the monitor, but not by programmable controller circuits used on equipment. With the monitor located after the PLC, the control is able to monitor the sensor and supporting PLC circuits. Damaged, poor, or unplugged connections and other malfunctions can also be detected. Output signal can be used to stop machine, signal an alarm, or provide any other function the equipment designer wishes to incorporate.

Balluff Inc, Florence, KY.

Photo-optic tracing system

The Replicator [TM] 3003 provides high-resolution tracing at low-speed with large kerf, or at high-speed (120 ipm) with large forward offset requirements. Features include full-function operator control panel, a highly sensitive optical tracer with connecting cable, two PWM servo amplifiers, and two integral-motor gearboxes with tachometers and connecting cables.

Cleveland Machine Controls Inc, Cleveland, OH.

Measure machine movement

DRO systems measure machine movements and communicate data to the operator, and can be used on EDMs, grinders, boring mills, and lathes. Systems use solid-state electronics and glass-scale linear encoders that are laser calibrated.

Acu-Rite, Jamestown, NY.

Fifty-two drilling machines

Available in fifty-two models, Newtric drilling machines are rated between 1/4 hp and 310-lb thrust with a 5/16" maximum drilling capacity in steel, and 1 hp and 650 lb thrust with 1/2" drilling capacity. Machines have NEMA-standard dual-voltage (230/460V), three-phase, induction motors.

Models have strokes to 7.87" in reach. Depth repeatability is [+ or -] 0.0008". Standard auto-return has been supplemented with a mechanical stop on all units to provide a choice of front limit-setting methods.

An intregal guide bar improves spindle-positioning accuracy. Spindle runout is 0.0004" tir. Spindle is held at home position in any power-off situation, eliminating spindle crash and possible broken drill bits after a power shutdown.

Sugino Corp, Schaumburg, IL.

Scales and displays

Sokki magnetic scales are suitable for environments of coolant, chips, and oil. New magnetic-tape scales for travel lengths exceeding 157" can be used alone or with other Sokki scales with two- and three-axis display units.

DU902 and DU903 are display units for lathe applications. They have a multiple-datum-point memory to set up a different datum point for up to six tools. Each datum point can be stored and recalled. Four resolutions (0.000 02", 0.000 05", 0.0002", and 0.0005") are switchable within the display unit. Direct diameter reading is provided.

Sokki Electronics USA Inc, Des Plaines, IL.

Advanced machine controls

Telemecanique will display its line of machine-controls and factory communications network. New products are the CMD motor-control panel for low-voltage applications and the Inductel badge-identification system. Other products on display include TSX 7 series programmable-controllers and Altivar AC 1/8- to 75-hp AC drives.

Telemecanique Inc, Westminster, MD.

High-resolution encoder

High-resolution Pulscale encoder is designed for rotary and tilting table angle measurement. It measures and traverses rapidly within [+ or -] 5-min accuracy, with data used for position-feedback control. Rotary encoder is available in seven resolutions, from 0.0001 to 0.01 deg. For convenience in mounting, each encoder is the same size regardless of the resolution selected. A 5-V squarewave TTL line driver outputs directly from the encoder and feeds all new GE, Fanuc, Dynapath, and Allen-Bradley CNCs.

Futaba Corp of America, Plymouth, MI.

Brushless servos

BRU-200 and BRU-500 industrial brushless servodrives and motors offer a torque range of 3 to 1100 lb-in with speeds to 6000 rpm. Through 16-bit microprocessor control, sinusoidal three-phase commutation is provided for good reliability and performance. Plug-in personality modules provide maximum flexibility, allowing drive and motor combinations to be automatically configured through data stored in a non-volatile memory located in the digital drive. No potentiometer adjustments are required.

Auto-tune mode allows velocity-loop tuning with motor connected directly to the load and absolute gain values, so the velocity loop can be adjusted by the user. Off-line operation is possible because no external isolation transformer is required for input power. A standard 2000-line optical encoder provides feedback for commutation, velocity, and position control. High-energy neodymium-iron-boron magnets provide peak and continuous-duty performance.

Robbins & Myers/Electro-Craft, Eden Prairie, MN.

Motion measurement

Heidenhain's rotary encoders measure rotational or linear motion, or angles, and include both incremental and absolute types.

ROD 500 series rotary encoders with a 2.5" OD meet common US standards. The 500 series have 3/8" shaft dia, and offer options on a wide variety of line counts (resolutions up to 10,000 steps/rev directly off the disk). Other options include synchro- or square-flange mounting surfaces, and sine wave or quadrature (TTL) outputs.

Heidenhain Corp, Schaumburg, IL.

Reconditioned leadscrews

Proper and improper reconditioning and inspection procedures will be demonstrated for ball-bearing leadscrews used by the machine-tool, aircraft, aerospace, and nuclear-energy industries. Good ballscrews do not need replacing when worn, and it is economically feasible to service them by regrinding the screw and installing new nuts, balls, and seals.

Ball leadscrews and nut packages of almost any current design, with either external or internal ball-return systems, can be reconditioned.

Barnes Industries Inc, Madison Hts., MI.

Sixteen axes of motion

Motion-control system offers independent or coordinated control of 16 axes with up to 200 opto-isolated terminals. System is comprised of ACH 8000 chassis, IBM backplane, and OPS 9000 operator interface. Options include EGA or VGA monitor and graphics, custom keyboards, choice of enclosure, and floppy or hard disk. Standard software can translate RS 274D, DXF, and CADL formats.

Acroloop Motion Control Systems, Chanhassen, MN.

Spindle assembly

Three-axis spindle and slide assembly includes servodriven X and Y axes with antifriction slides and hydraulically controlled, hardened-steel way for Z-axis. Spindle is a variable-speed milling spindle with 40 taper-nose and 10 hp at 8000 rpm. It was designed for machining aluminum manifolds with feedrates of 600 ipm in both X and Z axis.

Setco Sales Co, Cincinnati, OH.

Powered linear slides

Pneumatic- and hydraulic-powered linear slides include units with moving center sections and tool plates that extend and retract. Six different series of slides handle loads ranging from a few ounces to 300 lb. Linear ball bushings and ground shafts provide precise strokes up to 60". Options include stroke adjustments, shock absorbers, and built-in proximity switches. Slides can be used individually or combined to yield X-, Y-, and Z-axis pick and place, transfer, and assembly operations.

PHD Inc, Fort Wayne, IN.

Stock precision ballscrews

S-Inch Series precision ballscrews are produced in standard inches without machined ends for quick delivery. The ballscrews change rotary motion into linear motion on NC machine tools, optical and measuring instruments, X-Y stages, medical equipment, and PCB drilling and assembly gear. They are preloaded to reduce axial play to zero, and are finished in accordance with JIS Class-3 accuracy standards.

Ballscrews are easily machined to user's precise requirements. They are available in preloaded single- and double-nut flange tube-types and in 12" to 96" stroke lengths.

NSK Corporation, Elmhurst, IL.

Quick-connect drill unit

Series 60 automatic small-hole drill unit has quick-connect capability for fast setup. A new external junction box provides quick connection to a remote actuating switch, deep-hole pecking attachment, and interface between the drill unit and other system components including work-holding clamp and index tables.

The compact (4.3" x 27"), in-line, air and electric unit is designed to speed production and cut operating costs in a wide range of small-hole drilling applications.

Electronic speed control provides variable spindle speed, with no gears or pulleys to change. Features include 300-lb thrust and adjustable stroke to 3", with drilling capacity to 5/16" dia.

Dumore Corp, Racine, WI.

Switch-position detection

ISK inductive-signal coupler enables transmission of circuit states of two switches in rotating devices where there is no available power source. Signals from limit switches, pressure switches, and probes can be transmitted to external equipment from tool turrets, rotary-indexing tables, and swivel heads. A maximum of four circuit states can be detected.

The device consists of one active coupler and one passive sensor. The two switches are wired to the passive sensor and scanned by the active coupler when passing. Travel speed is 100 m/min at a reading distance of maximum 3 mm.

The coupler signals the circuit state of two switches in less than a millisecond. An additional strobe signal indicates when the passive sensor is in the reading range of the active coupler. Data outputs are stored until the next signal change.

Euchner-USA Inc, Montville, NJ.

Rotary-linear motion devices

Linear slides and rotary-motion spindles for special-purpose machines will be displayed by Milwaukee Slide and Spindle. Recessed-base dovetail-slides can be fitted with leadscrews, ballscrews, and air or hydraulic cylinders. Hardened way-slides and ball way-slides feature recirculating linear bearings.

Milwaukee Slide and Spindle, Milwaukee, WI.

Rotary-tool software

Numroto CAD/CAM software for manufacturing and sharpening rotary cutting tools runs under MS-DOS. It is designed to eliminate the time and expense incurred with trial production and measurement of prototype tools.

On-screen simulation makes it possible to observe the machining process on-screen and adjust parameters affecting various cutting angles. Changes to basic geometry are displayed in alphanumeric mode, allowing instant corrections, and the results can be examined without actually cutting metal or taking measurements. Once all the necessary corrections are carried out, the software generates the final program.

NUM Corp, Naperville, IL.

AC servodrives

M- and F-series servodrives consist of an AC servomotor and Servopack [TM] controller. They provide quick-response control under most environmental conditions, as well as smooth operation at low-speed ranges. The M-series operates at 1000 rpm, and F-series at 1500 rpm.

F-series capabilities include an output range of 0.2 hp to 6.0 hp. M-series output range is 0.4 hp to 6.0 hp. Rated torques range from 8.7 to 252 lb-in on the F-series and from 25 to 372 lb-in on the M-series.

Servodrive controller's custom LSI and hybrid ICs reduce unit size. To ensure continuous operation after a power failure, both series are available with absolute encoders.

Yaskawa Electric America Inc, Northbrook, IL.

Grinder-upgrade package

The Ministep grinder-upgrade package converts manual or hydraulic-infeed grinders to electronic stepping-motor feed with in-process gaging.

The benefit is fast, uniform, gage-controller grinding cycles for consistent part size and finish. It also reduces operator involvement in the grinding process, while cutting downtime resulting from unreliable hydraulic feeds.

The package consists of an electrical enclosure housing a programmable controller; a motor translator and load monitor; an in-process gage system including a gage monitor, gage, brackets, and cables; and an electronic stepping motor with gear reducer and mounting hardware.

The in-process gage system has a repeatability of 0.000 020". With the gage system in control of the grinding cycle, wheelslide infeed, dwell, and retraction are based on actual workpiece size. A slip-clutch mechanism cuts gage setup time to less than 30 sec. Gage fingers are available allowing measurement of ODs from 3/16" to 7 1/2".

Control Gaging Inc, Ann Arbor, MI.

Manual setpoint adjustment

Incremental handwheels temporarily attach to machine controls to allow manual adjustment of drive axes on NC machine. The portable devices are connected to the control unit by a cable, enabling the operator to adjust the drive axes remotely. The system uses an optoelectronic encoder with TTL-compatible rectangular pulses on two channels, and 90 deg phase difference to determine the direction of rotation.

Jakob GmbH & Co KG, Kleinwallstadt, West Germany.

Machinery options

The Machinery Dealers National Association will demonstrate that there are ready markets for surplus machinery and many used machinery options. Representatives of member firms will explain how MDNA member companies can translate resources already invested in surplus machinery into ready assets for new ventures and further purchases.

MDNA is an international trade association whose member firms buy and sell used machinery.

Machinery Dealers National Association, Silver Spring, MD.

Rotary positioner

Mega-Indexer [TM], a programmable rotary positioner, is capable of flexible indexing at a maximum speed of 60 rpm, with 60 arc-sec accuracy and 4 arc-sec repeatability.

Mega-Indexer [TM] is maintenance-free and powered by a built-in, direct-drive Megatorque [TM] motor that generates torque up to 105 lb-ft without any gears. Designed with pneumatic brakes and enclosed in a rugged casing, it can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The programmable controller can store up to 64 motion profiles and maintains computer-controlled servo operation. The positioner can interface with a CNC via "M" code and has RS232C communication capability.

NSK Corp, Precision Products Div, Elmhurst, IL.

Machine-control packages

Delta series total machine control packages for lathes and machining centers will be displayed. The controls include everything from drives to enclosures. New machining center and lathe packages feature brushless AC drives and full support for toolchangers and turrets. Packages are modular and designed to be incorporated into machine tool builder's enclosures.

Dynapath Systems Inc, Detroit, MI.
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