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Toni Gonzaga, Paul Soriano help son Seve cope during pandemic. Jul 13, 2021 896
An extraordinary relationship of 2PH presidents - Cory and son Noynoy. Jun 29, 2021 1436
Mother Chooses Life for Son with Disability, Now She Says "He is the Most Joyful Little Boy I've ever Known.". Pinedo, Peter May 1, 2021 744
POETRY. Critical essay Jan 1, 2021 752
Teenager Buys Mom a Car. Clabough, Raven May 20, 2019 319
These Words Unspoken. G., Jon May 1, 2019 1610
MAMA'S BOYS AND MOTHERING MEN: DUNBAR'S DEVIANT MASCULINITIES. Lewis, Christopher S. Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 12761
ABSTRACTS. Author abstract Mar 22, 2019 1362
Real. Huhtanen, Shelly Column Mar 1, 2019 1044
His mother became medicine: drinking problems, ethical transformation and maternal care in central Uganda. Scherz, China; Mpanga, George Case study Feb 1, 2019 11719
Keep chugging along. Hooven, Kate Personal account Oct 26, 2018 918
Worth the risk. Hooven, Kate Sep 21, 2018 674
FROM ONE MOM TO ANOTHER: HELP YOURSELF! McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Apr 1, 2018 971
Second chances. Clabough, Raven Jun 20, 2016 669
3 meditations on the death of my mother. Naff, Clay Farris Mar 1, 2016 2748
Still my boy. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Jul 1, 2015 559
Happy birthday lil' man! Dounia Batma celebrates step son Kay's b'day! Brief article Jun 22, 2015 237
Spread the love! Tomy Omran says peanut butter will lead him to his future wife! Brief article Feb 3, 2015 249
Gangsta rap lyrics and early childhood cruelties: are these artists searching for enlightened witnesses and seeking to reveal the real truth of black mother-son love? Robinson, Reginald Leamon Report Jan 1, 2015 8907
Fr Vincent McNabb, Eleven Thanks God: Memories of a Catholic Mother. Excerpt Dec 1, 2014 1325
Why is Qamar adamant on putting her "illegitimate" son Jimmy in the public eye? Brief article Jun 15, 2014 145
Reminiscing: That night, I tried something new. I enjoyed my son. I laid next to him and we played together. We sang, I tickled him and I played with his feet. I didn't think about the milestones he hasn't achieved, or how many books I didn't read to him. I enjoyed my son for who he was... Huhtanen, Shelly Feb 1, 2014 814
An excerpt from raising autism surviving the early years: in an attempt to forestall the inevitable I turned to Dr. S. and asked "so, it's the reflux again, right? Guess it's time for round two of Prevacid." The fear of his prolonged silence coursed through my body--I could feel my large litany of tiny fears coalescing into an even greater terror. Mccafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Excerpt Dec 1, 2013 2180
Eric takes the bus to school: as he was wheeled through the front door of his new school, he turned and looked in my direction and gave me a huge smile. It was his way telling me, mom I know you're here, love you and don't worry so much! Larocco, Rosalie Sep 1, 2013 1272
Adults set the tone for welcoming all students: a scholar whose son is gender nonconforming allows her experience as his mother to shape her academic work and her views about how schools can become more comfortable places for all students. Slesaransky-Poe, Graciela Essay Feb 1, 2013 2822
Milad Golmakani: Mother of Murdered Boy to Sell Jewellery to Help Killers. May 22, 2012 448
My Mother's Loving Silence. Steinmetz, Chaim May 11, 2012 1086
A road map on the challenges of the mother-son relationship. Sasman, Laura May 1, 2012 475
Specters of Medea the rhetoric of stepmotherhood and motherhood in Seneca's Phaedra. Mcauley, Mairead Mar 22, 2012 16617
The poet on the poem: "Void and Compensation (Tsimtsum).". Morse, Michael Jan 1, 2012 858
An unspoken toast. Mailer, Norris Church Sep 22, 2011 1316
A Conversation with Elisabet Jokulsdottir. Turnbull, John Interview May 1, 2011 2620
Letting go: mother and son. Ketchum, Vivian Personal account May 1, 2011 1207
"Who is the extraordinary one?". Muntzel, Jacob Essay Mar 17, 2011 466
Mother and son: the dynamics of Hamlet's Cartesian madness. Decarlo, John Essay Jan 1, 2011 6211
Mistaken Identity. Oct 8, 2010 1650
Contesting essentialist theories of patriarchal relations: evolutionary psychology and the denial of history. Crane-Seeber, Jesse; Crane, Betsy Essay Sep 22, 2010 9325
Change in plans: when a baby's early arrival rewrites a homebirth plan. Lemon, Jennifer Sep 1, 2010 2434
Jewish Mom Starts Dating Site. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jul 14, 2010 111
The death of my mother. Goodden, Herman Essay Mar 1, 2010 1998
Psychosocial adjustment process of mothers caring for young men with traumatic brain injury: focusing on the mother-son relationship. Fumiyo, Ishikawa; Sumie, Suzuki; Akiko, Okumiya; Yasuko, Shimizu Report Oct 1, 2009 6262
A reading, writing partnership: Louisa Salmon (mother and pre-service teacher) & Nathan Salmon (aged 8, grade 2 student). Oct 1, 2009 1948
The question of the father as a key paterfamilias figure. Tomic, Svetlana Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 15380
The epiphany of the mother and the son. Tomic, Svetlana Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 4170
Lazarevic's confession to his mother: "Do you see your tombstone? I am it, I!". Tomic, Svetlana Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 1597
Oedipus wrecks: when his mom started dating women, writer Brett Berk was amused. But now she's gayer than he is--and he's confused. Berk, Brett Essay Jun 1, 2009 646
Hail Mary: Sigourney Weaver's starring role in Prayers for Bobby--the true story of Mary Griffith, a religious mother who drives her gay son to suicide--is a far cry from her more notorious turn as the panty-clad, flame-throwing Lieutenant Ripley, but this is one actress who still knows what it means to feel like an alien. Hrabi, Dale Feb 1, 2009 2660
Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the politics of childhood. Taylor, Beverly Dec 22, 2008 11085
Dear Mama: the nation and the world protested Genarlow Wilson's controversial prison sentence. But it was his mother who pulled him through the fight for his life. Thomas, Chandra R. Aug 1, 2008 1452
Alabama Paper Reports Yet Another Iraq Vet Suicide -- With Mother Watching. Mitchell, Greg May 6, 2008 574
Now it can be told: in keeping with the ethical standards championed by this publication, I'm obligated to disclose that I am related to the person who is the subject of this profile ... I am Helen Weiss's son. Weiss, Richard H. Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2007 1534
The Poet on the Poem. Merwin, W.S. May 1, 2007 237
Introduction: Cornelia and her maternal legacy. Hallett, Judith P. Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 12960
Mother, May I? Chappell, Kevin May 1, 2006 642
Soldier joins mom's battle for life. Mass, Warren Brief Article Sep 5, 2005 271
Don't blame mama! Chappell, Kevin May 1, 2005 598
Because I said so! Author Anne Lamott doesn't think twice about making her teenage son go to church, even though he complains about how much he hates it. Kids need to hang out with people who love God, and parents have the power--and the responsibility--to see that they do. Lamott, Anne Excerpt May 1, 2005 1811
Mother of mysteries. Bleem, Jerry Brief Article May 1, 2005 241
First self. Callahan, Gerald N. Feb 1, 2005 4775
Mothers and sons and Russian literature *. Smith, G.S. Dec 1, 2004 6907
Does my mom hate me? Graigory, J. Nov 9, 2004 753
Fresh face. McKnight, Erin Jul 1, 2004 365
Modernity and my Mum: a literary exploration into the (extra)ordinary sacrifices and everyday resistance of a Vietnamese woman. Huynh, Kim Jun 1, 2004 11714
A story of a Mother's forgiveness. McManaman, Doug May 1, 2004 3081
The spoken word: when writing comes at sixty-four. Keshishian, Flora Jan 1, 2004 4476
Mom goes to college: three sons support student mother with money and love. Gilbert, Marsha Interview May 1, 2003 1217
Touched by Mexico's unrandom acts of kindness. (Viewpoint). Gutierrez Y Muhs, Gabriella Brief Article Sep 27, 2002 834
A letter from peg. Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 383
Sons and mothers. (Indications). Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article Jun 15, 2002 170
Sons and mothers. (Indications). Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article Jun 15, 2002 170
Sons shorten the mother's life - Finnish study. Brief Article May 10, 2002 150
For my son. (Poetry). Murphy, Louise Poem Nov 1, 2001 147
`Poor me' scream lets the pain out. (Starting Point). Muhs, Gabriella Gutierrez y Brief Article Oct 19, 2001 470
Picturing the Mother, Claiming Egypt: My Bondage and My Freedom as Auto(bio)ethnography. Chaney, Michael A. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 10185
`I'M A MAMA'S BOY. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN'. Chappell, Kevin Brief Article May 1, 2001 942
Writing in the margins of our lives. BEHRENS, JAMES STEPHEN Brief Article Mar 16, 2001 627
Ripken's mom believed he would make Hall. (From a Researcher's Notebook). Kermisch, Al Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 207
In her son's memory. Brief Article Dec 19, 2000 177
Say Please. Peterson, Leslie Dec 1, 2000 161
Black Mothers/Black Sons: A Critical Examination of the Social Science Literature. BUSH, LAWSON Sep 22, 2000 6565
Crime, punishment ... and hope? JONES, ARTHUR Sep 10, 1999 2841
Seeing through windows of the heart. BEHRENS, JAMES STEPHEN Brief Article Sep 3, 1999 938
Will I recognize Alix the next time? LAZZO, JANELLE Brief Article Aug 27, 1999 759
For Brothers Only. Chappell, Kevin Brief Article May 1, 1999 948
Never too young for the gift of guilt. Lazzo, Janelle Oct 23, 1998 963
For Brothers Only: I'm a Mama's Boy, always have been. Chappell, Kevin Brief Article May 1, 1998 978
NBA Mothers: sharing the pain and glory of their superstar sons. Cover Story May 1, 1998 363
"Choking on my own saliva": Henry Miller's bourgeois family Christmas in 'Nexus.'(Family Systems Psychotherapy and Literature/Literary Criticism) Decker, James M. Jun 22, 1997 9579
Economic hardship, family relationships, and adolescent distress: an evaluation of a stress-distress mediation model in mother-daughter and mother-son dyads. Lempers, Jacques D.; Clark-Lempers, Dania S. Jun 22, 1997 6696
Looking after: a son's memoir. Daniel, John Excerpt Sep 22, 1996 8157
My mother made me.... Sep 1, 1996 282
From a home to the world: Stephen Crane's 'George's Mother.' Pizer, Donald Jun 22, 1996 4616
Mother and adolescent knowledge of sexual development: the effects of gender, age, and sexual experience. Hockenberry-Eaton, Marilyn; Richman, Mary Jane; Dilorio, Colleen; Rivero, Teresa; Maibach, Edward Mar 22, 1996 4363
Sons and mothers: Agrippina, Semiramis, and the philological construction of gender roles in early modern Germany (Lohenstein's 'Agrippina,' 1665) Newman, Jane O. Mar 22, 1996 15525
Mother's last request: a not so fond farewell. Nelson, B.J. Mar 1, 1996 6112
My mother made me . . . . Biography Jan 1, 1996 320
Mothers and sons: the timeless tie. May 1, 1995 242
My mother made me. Biography Apr 1, 1995 261
My mother made me.... Biography Mar 1, 1995 246
Song of light. Gengerke, Susan L. Nov 1, 1994 1154
Mother boldly reclaims angry, wayward son. Edwards, Robin May 7, 1993 1712
Mother never complained. In this Mother's Day tribute, a loving son reflects on his mother's courage, compassion and uncomplaining love for life. Mitchell, Tom May 1, 1991 576

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