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Mothers Against the Draft: National Effort Launched to Stop Reinstatement of the Draft.

SPARKS, Nev. -- On Monday, February 14, 2005, Mothers Against the Draft will officially launch a nationwide effort to head off any possible move toward military conscription. "Our website is up at and we are ready to go," said Janine Hansen, National Chairman of Mothers Against the Draft.

"Those who choose to serve in the military have our respect," Hansen said, "but we worry when we hear that our precious young sons and daughters may be forced to fight for others in foreign lands. In the 'land of the free and home of the brave,' those who are drafted and forced to fight are not free."

Debbie Hopper, MAD Vice-Chairman, declared "there are few questions with more serious consequences to the future of our children and grandchildren than the possibility that Congress will re-institute the draft or some other form of involuntary service. As mothers and citizens, we have a right to know, and a duty to find out, where our Congressmen stand on this critical issue".

Peg Luksik, former candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, and a member of the MAD board, stated, "We will call upon our elected officials to stand with us and guarantee that they will do all in their power to ensure that the blessings of liberty are enjoyed by America's children. We further call on these officials to publicly pledge to oppose any legislation or regulation that imposes a draft.

"Our first project will be to survey all of our US Senators and Congressmen and find out where they stand on a compulsory military draft, mandatory national service, and the 'back door' military draft by forced extension of service beyond enlistment dates. The results of the survey will be posted on our website," stated Luksik.

"Support for Mothers Against the Draft crosses all ideological and political lines. We have individuals from all political parties who are helping in this effort. Support is coming from every quarter. Americans may be hawks or doves, they may or may not support this war, but they are overwhelmingly opposed to a draft," said Nancy Spirkoff, MAD Secretary.

Phyllis Schlafly, national President of the conservative Eagle Forum, opposes the draft and has endorsed Mothers Against the Draft. She said, "If America wants to remain a free nation, we must reject all proposals for a military draft. Liberty cannot coexist with involuntary servitude."

"When Americans feel that their safety is threatened, they will volunteer to defend America. With the growing commitments of the American military, now serving around the world in over 130 countries, the government is already tapping into the reserves and Guard units to meet the requirements of an undeclared war. We are concerned that the government will feel there is no alternative but to reinstate the draft," stated Hansen. "We believe that a volunteer military force is the only alternative compatible with liberty."

MAD is in the process of organizing affiliate advisory boards of Dads Against the Draft and Students Against the Draft. Porter Davis of Dads Against the Draft said, "we cannot stand by and let a draft happen by default."

Vice-Chairman Debbie Hopper added "Mothers Against the Draft plans to have a State leader in every State and 435 Congressional District leaders. We are concentrating our efforts on recruiting average American Moms and Dads to lead the fight. Ours will be a grassroots effort down to the community level. There is something everyone can do to help Stop the Draft."

For Further information contact: Janine Hansen 775-356-9006, Peg Luksik 814-539-3165, Debbie Hopper 636-861-7052 or see MAD's website at
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Date:Feb 14, 2005
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