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Mothering Canada: Interdisciplinary Voices/LA MATERNITE AU CANADA: Voix Interdisciplinaires.


Interdisciplinary Voices/LA MATERNITE AU CANADA: Voix Interdisciplinaires


Demeter Press


This volume is an exciting and diverse collection of voices: voices writing in French and in English; voices that express themselves through poetry, stories or visual arts; voices that are scholarly and voices that are grounded in personal experience and knowledge. This is a collection that will appeal to diverse audiences in Canada, and probably beyond, audiences that must still search to find satisfying reading about mothering, even as the subject is growing as a topic for critical engagement.

Demeter Press is devoted to publishing books that deal with empowered and feminist mothering, with at least a dozen books published in less than five years, so it is not surprising to find this engaging anthology as part of Demeter's collection.

As the editors state, a diverse collection like this allows the voices of "othered" mothers, who may be underrepresented or marginalized in the literature, to be heard.

The book is organized into four themes, each rich with academic writing, artistic expressions and deeply personal narratives. The first theme, "Becoming," includes material on the many different ways in which women can become mothers. The second theme, "Connecting," explores the bonds of diverse family relationships while the third, "Challenging," looks beyond maternal bliss to critically examine the failures of contemporary Canadian society to support the work of mothers. In "Supporting," the final theme, the editors have collected pieces that underline the serious need for reform of public policies to provide fitting support to all mothers in Canada.

One of the greatest strengths of this anthology is the fact that it includes many voices, interdisciplinary voices. Aboriginal mothers, artist mothers, entrepreneur mothers, immigrant mothers, lesbian mothers, professor mothers, single mothers, student mothers and one father together contribute to the valuing of mothering experiences and the recognition of motherwork as a legitimate subject of academic inquiry and societal concern. This is an important contribution.

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Author:Turnbull, Lorna
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 22, 2011
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