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Mother suffers heart attack after break-in. (CBS46) reported out of Dekalb County, Georgia, on January 15 that a woman suffered a heart attack after her son killed two men who broke in to their house. Twenty-eight-year-old Timoteo Hernandez was home with his mother, 51-year-old Ramona Derossette, who was visiting from Tennessee. Hernandez told CBS46 that his mother had just cooked chili and that they were sitting down for dinner when they heard someone knock on the front door. Hernandez opened the door and was immediately pistol-whipped by one of two men standing outside. The men had fake badges, and authorities believe they were pretending to be police officers in order to break in to unsuspecting victims' houses.

Hernandez said, "When I opened the door, these two guys stormed in with guns and started pistol-whipping me and took me to the ground." He lay injured on the ground as the two armed men barged into the house in what was a brazen and violent home invasion. One of the men chased after the mother, who tried fleeing, and began brutally beating her with his pistol. Hernandez described the attack on his mother for CBS46: "He started pistol whipping and kicking her in the side."

One of the attackers grabbed Hernandez and forced him through the house at gunpoint. The armed attacker then shoved Hernandez to the floor in a guest bedroom, pointed his gun at Hernandez' head, and demanded money. Fortunately, Hernandez had taken out his father's old hunting rifle for cleaning prior to the home invasion and it was readily accessible. Hernandez was able to grab the rifle and opened fire on the intruders. Hernandez proved to have good aim, as his bullets found their mark, fatally injuring both suspects. One of the intruders fled the house and collapsed on the neighbor's yard, where he was pronounced dead from a chest wound. The second injured suspect fled in a car, but later collapsed in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant, where he was located by authorities. The second suspect would later succumb to his injuries in the hospital. Hernandez only suffered minor injuries, which consisted of swelling to his face, but unfortunately, the stress of the invasion was too much for his mother, and she had a heart attack. "She suffered a heart attack after police officers arrived," Hernandez told CBS46. The good news is that the mother is expected to recover. Hernandez expressed regret at the loss of life, but felt that he was left with no other choice: "I feel like if I hadn't had the gun in there, this whole news story would be about me and my mother being dead in this house.... I never want to hurt anybody like that, but they put me in a situation, and I only reacted to it.... It sucks that a man lost his life yesterday, but I had to protect my family."

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Title Annotation:EXERCISING THE RIGHT; Ramona Derossette of Dekalb County, Georgia
Author:Krey, Patrick
Publication:The New American
Geographic Code:1U5GA
Date:Mar 7, 2016
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