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Mother of runaway boy calls for patience by parents.

The Indian boy Vikas (named changed on request) had left home after his father scolded him for quarelling with his younger brother while playing games on the PlayStation.

A 15-year-old boy who ran away from his home on Saturday evening was found the next afternoon, prompting his mother to call for patience by parents and better understanding by teenagers.

The Indian boy Vikas (named changed on request) had left home after his father scolded him for quarelling with his younger brother while playing games on the PlayStation. "His father snapped since he was disturbed while he was having lunch. He blamed Vikas because he is older and he told him to get lost," the mother told Khaleej Times.

A deeply hurt Vikas then headed out, crying and screaming that he would leave his home. But his mom intervened and consoled him. "I didn't let him go and closed the door. After that he went to his room and I was under the impression that he was alright."

However, Vikas was not found at home a couple of hours later. "I thought he might have gone out to play with his friends as he had said earlier in the morning that he would go."

When Vikas didn't return till around 10pm, the parents started enquiring about him. They found that he had neither taken his mobile phone nor the Nol card that he carries while going out.

The worried parents then started making calls to his friends and relatives but nobody reported seeing him. Vikas' father, who works at Sharjah Airport, searched all the floors in their building at the Shaikh Colony in Al Qusais and the next building.

The parents were also scared because the ninth grader was to get his final exam results on Sunday. Recent cases of teenage suicides due to poor academic performance in Dubai had made them think the worst.

"We didn't go to the open house and informed the teacher that he is missing. I was relieved when the teacher said he had passed in all subjects and it shouldn't be a cause for concern."

By the time his father filed a complaint with Al Qusais Police and reached home, Vikas' apartment was full of relatives and friends. It was then that two boys from the neighbourhood informed his parents and said that they had seen Vikas in building No 1 at around 7pm on Saturday.

A search in that building ended up with the family finding Vikas near the terrace. "He said he couldn't bear the pain of his father scolding him that way. Apparently, he returned to our building at night but again those harsh words kept echoing in his ears and he went back to that building. He said he thought of coming home after his father goes to work by 1pm," said the mother who had informed Khaleej Times after the father went to the police station.

"Now both the father and son have said sorry to each other and are friends again. They regret what they have done. But I think it is good to write about it and tell other parents to be patient and careful while talking to their children. We won't repeat this mistake and I told the parents of my son's friends also not to do anything like that."

"Children should also realise that it is only for their good that parents scold them. Parents may be under various tensions and stress and they may snap at kids. But it doesn't mean that we don't love our kids and they should understand that."

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Publication:Khaleej Times (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Mar 30, 2014
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