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Mother of all roles has brought me biggest joy; Parenthood is the most daunting and most rewarding stuff of life but no matter how hard we try not to, we all find ourselves turning into our mums.

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When Pope Francis had folk up in arms last month saying the choice not to have children was selfish, I think the old man's remarks were well intentioned.

Parenthood is surely the most daunting and the most rewarding stuff of life. It does seem to me our choices here are increasingly skew-whiff.

I honestly think the older I get, the more being a mum has been my biggest joy. I also think it's so important to get to the stage in life where you "forgive" your parents all their shortcomings and there's no quicker way to do that than become a parent yourself. It's almost automatic.

Speaking of the joys of being a mum, my super-duper son pitched up with a card, flowers and chocolates last Sunday.

if was i'd her chair. to take Then having sorted out the latest glitch on my PC, he took me out for a posh tea.

If my mother was alive today, I'd want to carry her aloft in a sedan chair and wash her feet with my hair, but, of course, it wasn't always like this.

My wee mum had four boys, four girls and three nervous breakdowns. She insisted that Mother's Day meant nothing and had just been made up by the card company Hallmark. Selfish me took her at her word.

It's too easy to take mums for granted, as I did mine.

granted. I did mine. At one of my entertaining the "troops" gigs recently, a lovely lady came up to me afterwards and said: "You are so like your mum."

Believe me, there was a time when I wouldn't have taken this as a huge compliment but I then hung on her every word as she talked about her pal, my wee mum. One of my favourite roles was in a comedy that ran for weeks to sold-out audiences at the King's in Glasgow called Mum's The Word. At that point, only the Abba Experience had matched it in popularity. Apparently, mums everywhere were glad of any attempt to blow the lid off the conspiracy of silence that instinctual mothering follows on from finding yourself up the duff. We got big laughs at the sketch, showing how we all turn into our mothers no matter how hard we try not to.

I remember my son go on about wanting something. I'd already heard myself chirp: "I want, doesn't get." But when I added: "You can keep on asking until the cows come home" he asked quizzically: "What cows?" I had to laugh.

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my mum was alive today, I'd want to carry her aloft in a sedan chair. It's too easy to take mums for granted, as I did mine.


PARENT RAP... Pope Francis's comments sparked fury

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