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Mother Warriors Voice.

Another flyer Berman sent announces Mother Warriors Voice, described as "a unique activist newsjoumal written by mothers." Though the adoption of such a violent, male-identified title is sad, the aim seems worthy: "a 20 year old, 60 page newsjoumal" that "includes moms' stories, political analysis, photo stories, networking info, recipes, jokes, letters, health news, youth news, gay news, disability news, victories and resistance in the war on the poor ... [and reports] on social justice movements across the world--all from a mother's perspective." The flyer appeals for subscriptions, library and otherwise. Cost is $25 in the U. S. and $35 for international mailing, with that fee including postage. The address is Mother Warriors Voice, 2711 W. Michigan Ave, Milwaukee WI 53208. No web address is given, but the telephone is 414 342 6662 & and an e-mail address of is included.

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Title Annotation:News and Notes
Publication:Women and Language
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Date:Mar 22, 2007
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