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Mother Teresa.

The article by Eileen Markey about Mother Teresa's "dark night" (NCR, Sept. 14) was good but the question put to her by Capuchin Fr. Benedict Groeschel, "When was the last time you felt a beautiful moment of God's presence?" is confusing and misleading. Feeling a beautiful moment of God's presence is not spiritual and certainly not mystical. It is emotional and sensual. True mystical experience transcends the intellect and senses. It is the direct communication by God to the innermost depths of one's being. Extreme caution must be exercised by those who would venture into the field of mysticism.


Tucson, Ariz.

Is anybody surprised or maybe even scandalized that a confessor should publish the letters he received from a penitent? Where is the secrecy of the confessional? This man was not just a spiritual adviser. I have read letters from a confessor to unnamed penitents, letters that might give general spiritual advice. But never were the names of the persons receiving the letters published. I understand that trained people can be spiritual advisers and as such they are not priests or confessors. Still one would expect professional discretion. Where did he draw the line between secrets of the heart and what could be made known?


Kansas City, Kan
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Author:Padilla, Gilbert; White, Kate Oglebay
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
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Date:Oct 12, 2007
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