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Mother Parker's to use gauze for upscale tea bag market.

Mother Parker's Foods Limited is a manufacturer of tea and coffee products. Headquarted on the outskirts of Toronto, Mother Parker's began tea and coffee packing over 75 years ago. Always a family-owned business, Paul Higgins Jr., together with his brother, Michael run the company.

Following Canada's beverage trends, Mother Parker's came out with a specialty tea blend several years ago and the company is continuing its research on a iced coffee/cappuccino beverage. Mother Parker's also fulfills any institutional/private label customer's latest trendy package.

Recently the company chose to utilize gauze tea bags in an effort to capture part of the upscale tea bag market. Mother Parker's sees tremendous opportunities in premium blend tea market and by using gauze tea bags versus paper tea bags they intend to clearly differentiate the product.

Gauze tea bags have become associated with premium blends of tea. As the gauze itself is higher in cost, better qualities of tea are placed in the sachet and the more affluent consumer is attracted. Sales in the Maritime provinces of Canada have shown that this niche of the market is successful.

After working with Johnson & Johnson, manufacturers of gauze and who already supply several tea packers, Mother Parker's found gauze had many advantages in tea infusion.

Gauze allows water to easily flow through the bag ensuring the release of tea's flavor. Gauze is best used with large tea leaves which has more flavor than the smaller tea leaves. Gauze will not impart a foreign flavor to the tea. Test results on gauze chemically found that it is better for infusion than paper (caffeine measurement over a 3 minute time period), thus a convenience factor for the consumer taking less time to make a good cup. Also, the gauze bag makes iced tea more attractive due to quicker extraction.

Tea dust was once considered a problem with gauze bags but new fabrics have decreased the amount of dust. Nevertheless, paper has the lowest dust sifting. (Old gauze fabric - 108% sifting; new fabric - 0.6% dust/sifting; paper - 0.1-0.2% sifting.

Mother Parker's invested significantly in equipment for this type of tea bag and found the IMA C51 with modification, was able to run gauze materials at high speed., Heavy modifications were made to achieve this and efficiency, in effect, was improved.

All gauze tea bags were non-tagged, as to further differentiate the product from 'normal' tea bags and be more environmentally friendly.

The company can fill these bags in any blend of tea, as well as herbal and flavored blends for the private label market.

For more information, contact Mother Parker's at: 2520 Stanfield Road, Missisauga, Ontario, Canada L4Y 1S4. Tel: (416)279-9100, Fax: (416)279-9821.
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Title Annotation:Equipment and Packaging Update
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Aug 1, 1991
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