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Articles from Mother Jones (January 1, 2007)

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Ad Nauseam: Madison Avenue is scrambling to stick ads anywhere it can, from children's books to bathroom stalls. Gettelman, Elizabeth; Gilson, Dave Chronology 1101
Angry white man: to understand the shifting tectonics of American politics, look no further than cable's high priest of populism: Lou Dobbs. Pappu, Sridhar 3126
Baghdad's bull market. Gilson, Dave 160
Big tent. Big plans? Bush-bashing gave the Dems a majority. Now it's time to make something of it. Gitlin, Todd Viewpoint essay 1507
Blocking the Courthouse Door. Agger, Michael Book review 369
Border by boeing. Beiser, Vince 730
Editors' note. Bauerlein, Monika; Jeffery, Clara Editorial 573
For love or money: the YouTubers, pajama pundits, and DIY rocket scientists are turning pro. Is this the end of the amateur revolution? Quart, Alissa Essay 2290
Gaga for Google. Schreiber, Chris; Lancaster, Elizabeth Letter to the editor 280
Garry Trudeau: war on the funny pages. Gettelman, Elizabeth Interview 1244
Harpy hero heretic Hillary: why she stokes our deepest fears and darkest hatreds. Hitt, Jack Cover story 4531
House wrecker. Schulman, Daniel Interview 1176
I, robo-caller. Schulman, Daniel 433
Impeaching negativity. Keeshan, Patty Letter to the editor 124
Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics. Friedman, Ann Book review 335
No good publicity. Massingill, G. Sealy; Kenton, Liz Letter to the editor 135
Portrait of the blogger as a young candidate. Kushner, David 821
RoadKill Overcoat. Young, Jon Sound recording review 156
Romantico. Nelson, Rob Movie review 233
State of emergency: across Virginia, voters raise the issue Congress has thus far ignored: health care. Wypijewski, JoAnn 1672
Suffragette city. Bazelon, Emily Organization overview 1382
Sunshine's bottom line. Lisagor, Kimberly 951
The Bird and the Bee. Young, Jon Sound recording review 156
The Diddly awards: the George Allen (Sr.) Award for the midterm election's most desperate Hail-Mary pass. Hitt, Jack Brief article 322
The Highwaymen: why you could soon be paying Wall Street investors, Australian bankers, and Spanish builders for the privilege of driving on American roads. Schulman, Daniel; Ridgeway, James 6398
The major, the martyr, and the pomegranate trees: how the Lebanese town of Aita al Shaab won the war and lost almost everything. Rosen, Nir 2686
The men who would beat Hillary. Gilson, Dave; Wedekind, Jennifer 1653
The talking way: in Navajo country, traditional justice, modern violence, and the death penalty collide in a debate unlike any in America. Snell, Marilyn Berlin 2550
This guy can get 59 MPG in a plain old accord. Drafting 18-wheelers with the engine off, taking death turns at 52 miles an hour, and other lessons learned while riding shotgun with the king of the hypermilers. Gaffney, Dennis 4509
Unintelligent design. Robb, Arthur Letter to the editor 175
Ys. Young, Jon Sound recording review 148

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