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Articles from Mother Jones (May 1, 1999)

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A convenience of marriage. Garcia-Vasquez, Marina 124
A tale of two liddys: casting her as the "anti-Clinton," Elizabeth Dole's supporters are peddling a different kind of girlie show. Saletan, William 1237
Active Radio: Pacifica's Brash Experiment. Weed, Speed 193
All or nothing at all: a workplace discrimination bill seeks to turn civil rights law on its head by protecting everyone. Why do both liberals and conservatives hate it? Burr, Chandler 1154
An American sweatshop: the women at the Lion Apparel factory in Beattyville, Kentucky, are part of a largely female workforce of 15,000 nationwide that sews U.S. military uniforms. The Defense Department keeps costs as low as possible, and these workers ultimately pay the price. Boal, Mark 2891
Backstage. 258
Biblical spin. Phelps, Timothy B.; Phelps, Abigail R.; Phelps, Margie J. Letter to the editor 639
Can star power create social change? Soriano, Jen 212
Chip Kidd Cover Boy. Cox, Ana Marie 627
Clear Blue Skies. Ward, Jacob 187
Color coding: by shutting black authors out of its literature section, is borders really giving people what they want? Umansky, Eric; Soriano, Jen 863
Convergence. Rosenblum, Andrew 139
D'oh! Sito, Tom Letter to the editor 210
Day early and a dollar short. Brookes, Julian 165
Does it pay to subvertise? The critics of corporate propaganda co-opt its best weapon. Beato, G. 1309
Fire on the mountain. Rosmarino, Nicole J.; Boutell, Roger Letter to the editor 344
Fruitless pieing. Talbott, Madeline Letter to the editor 261
Hitting the wall: after 20 years of domestic violence research, scientists can't avoid hard facts. Updike, Nancy 1361
Is your office bully proof? People who are picked on by coworkers want job discrimination laws expanded to protect them. Watercooler conversation may never be the same. Cox, Ana Marie 2749
John Hockenberry: tired of scandal? Want more on the Balkans? The smartest guy on MSNBC thinks you just don't get it. Cox, Ana Marie Interview 2331
Kentucky Mountain classics. Rosenblum, Andrew 462
King: A Street Story. Shaykin, Benjamin 102
Lead Us Into Temptation: The Triumph of American Materialism. Zeisler, Andi 170
Leap into action. Swzergold, Jack 200
Little drummer boy. Beeman, Paul; Cathcart, Kevin M. Letter to the editor 417
Mass marketing. Morman, Todd 144
Meatless market. Cox, Ana Marie 296
Mule Variations. Shaykin, Benjamin 167
Mumia matters. Farrell, Mike; Bannister, Piers; Jonik, John; McKenna, Donna; Vinson, Duncan Letter to the editor 1147
On the other hand. Soriano, Jen 285
Planted Hollywood: welcome to the American forest, where the trees have been arranged for your viewing pleasure. Broydo, Leora 697
Principled precaution. Roberts, Donald R.; Liroff, Richard A. Letter to the editor 555
Reconciliation or chaos? Despite a fragile peace and a long public effort to heal the wounds of apartheid, South Africa remains a society of haves and have-nots. Goodman, David 3314
Rehearsals for Departure. Cox, Ana Marie 114
Texaco's crude legacy: it's the water. It's the sludge. It's the oil fires. It's the pits. Markels, Alex 1136
The Farm: Angola, U.S.A. Strickman, Andrew 196
The future of camouflage. McCall, Bruce 320
The Ground Beneath Her Feet. Chaudhry, Lakshmi 233
The lucky one: a family's battle with AIDS becomes a story of separation and survival. Root, Douglas 388
Tina Johnstone. Shattuck, Jessica 371
Tomorrowland today. Aboud, John 198
Up in arms. Gabelnick, Tamar Letter to the editor 297
Wide angle: dreamlands life, liberty, and the pursuit of capital. Dickinson, Tim 253

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