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Articles from Mother Jones (January 1, 1999)

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Attention deficit: physical and sexual child abuse grab all the headlines. But what you may not realize is that neglect can be worse. Blum, Deborah 2510
Baby with the bathwater. Nixon, James; Irvin, Chris; Van Dyck, Tom Letter to the editor 648
Blatant disregard. Mills, Paul L. Letter to the editor 216
Bringing things into focus: even a lowly columnist can get in on the multibillion-dollar market research game. Beato, G. 1391
Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. Eisenbeis, Hans 115
Cause celeb. Doherty, Brian 214
Chopper troubles: the army's new attack helicopter has a little weight problem. Umansky, Eric 683
Conduit for sale. Brown, David 128
Confidence games: is the consumer always right, always wrong, or always to blame? Dowe, Tom 1346
Dead in the water. Cook, John 709
Fifteen pages of fame: digging our claws into the soft flesh of celebrity journalism. Beato, G. 636
Getting testy. Katzman, John Letter to the editor 806
Handle with care. Dionis, Joanna 465
History, deleted. Dupont, Daniel G.; Lardner, Richard 206
Job Corps lottery. Price, John 735
Kathleen Hanna: evolution, girl style. King, Jennifer Interview 465
Love Is the Devil, Original Soundtrack Recording. Christe, Ian 113
Money where your mouth is. Dickinson, Tim 244
No small change: reformers are overly optimistic about ridding politics of big money. Saletan, William 1358
No. 1 takes us to task. Dornan, Beth Letter to the editor 873
Not drowning, but waning: from Waterworld to New Coke, failures enter the popular lexicon only when ushered in by the flatulent echo of previous fanfare. But what of less obnoxious tragedies? Ambitious and well-intentioned, they linger on, largely unnoticed, but not yet dead. Cox, Ana Marie 426
Open Skies, Closed Minds. Isenberg, Katie 155
Outback speaks out. Kadow, Joseph J. Letter to the editor 771
Peter Goodman. Hatcher, John 531
Smoke Signals. Nicholson, Meredith 128
Spielberg's other lost world: Los Angeles has its own Central Park sitting right under its nose, waiting to be noticed. Instead, it's being bulldozed, and Steven Spielberg is building his new film studio on the site as part of one of the biggest real estate developments in the city's history. Hertsgaard, Mark 3040
Sweet farewell. Bazzini, Rhana Letter to the editor 282
The abortion pill's grim progress: anti-abortion protesters, gun-shy drug companies, and timid politicians have stymied RU 486 for a decade. This year, all that may change. Fraser, Laura 1338
The American way. 684
The Last Rock Star Book, or: Liz Phair, a Rant. Cox, Ana Marie 175
The Sebadoh. Connelly, Ian T. 139
The Tesseract. Paulin, Alastair 142
The world gets in touch with its inner American: open markets workaholism and manic consumerism. Zachary, G. Pascal 4102
Unsafe-tec. 242
Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion, and the Appetite for Wonder. Doherty, Brian 154
Waits and measures. Zengerle, Jason 2579
What if you took Viagra and nobody came? Davidson, Adam J. 497
Wide angle: half-life: confronting the legacy of Chernobyl. Dickinson, Tim 221
With a squinting cowboy, cute cigarette girls, an American allure, and a poorly funded opposition, big tobacco rides east. Dreyfuss, Robert Cover story 3792

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