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Articles from Mother Earth News (February 1, 2019)

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'Container' Gardening: From the confined space of a shipping container, military college cadets grow and harvest hundreds of heads of lettuce per week for staff and students. Albert, Jennifer; Martinez, Dalia 803
A Chance Meeting Through Mother. Dave, Nebraska Letter to the editor 299
A Quick Way to Repair Pinholes in Hoses. Dawling, Pam Brief article 350
A Spark of Innovation. Shupp, Teresa Brief article 128
All Hands on Deck. Bonczar, Brenda Brief article 180
Boots for Your Boots. Brief article 205
Build an Upcycled Greenhouse: You can save green while going green by repurposing windows to create a beautiful greenhouse. Carlsen, Spike Instructions 1610
Building with Balecob: This hybrid of cob and straw bale building techniques can offer unique flexibility to the natural builder. Chandler-Isacksen, Kyle; Rogue, Conrad 2100
Caffeinated Seedlings. Flori, Luigi Brief article 326
Chicken Brooder in a Box: This easy-to-make shelter for growing chicks has a few other benefits, too. Gardener, Paul 1621
Community and Belonging. 439
Confronting Antibiotic Resistance. Sorell, Amanda Brief article 126
Daily Doses. Wilkinson, Doug Brief article 265
Electric Poultry Net. Product/service evaluation 264
Fermented Beverages Your Way: Homemade: See what all the fizz is about by trying these delicious and nutritious recipes. Stonger, Shannon 1350
Find and Buy Rare-Breed Products. Sorell, Amanda Brief article 154
Flexible Solar Panels for Any Roof. Sorell, Amanda 551
Floridian Forages for Free Food. Coogan, Kenny; McKeachie, Patrick Letter to the editor 322
Food on the Move: Travel in alignment with your values by adjusting your eating routine while you're on the road. Salatin, Joel 1065
Gardening Gifts. Cox, Donna Letter to the editor 170
Geothermal Greenhouse Harbors Tomatoes in Winter. Sorell, Amanda Brief article 247
Germany's Flying Insect Population Drops Dramatically. Sorell, Amanda 308
Green Goats Grazes to Success: New York-based company Green Goats clears acres of brush with the help of 180 caprine employees. Roberts, Kale Interview 1966
Growing Indoors: Readers share their tips for starting seeds indoors. Instructions 1758
Hanging On to Hangers. Nickell, Lindsey Brief article 211
Heat-Tolerant Eggplant Trials: Years of experimenting have shown an experienced gardener the best cultivars to grow in her steamy climate. Dawling, Pam 1716
Home Treatments for Dog Hot Spots: Can I treat my dog's hot spot at home without visiting a vet? Cox, Shea 907
How Plants Use Microbes for Food. Sorell, Amanda Brief article 306
Humble Homestead Heroes. Pearce, Judy Letter to the editor 380
Keeping a Balanced Diet. Brody, Linda 444
Keeping Caterpillars at Bay. Haviland, Cindy Brief article 225
Lighting with Battery Power: An easy way to have long-term emergency lighting without flashlights. Yago, Jeffrey Excerpt 869
Make Your Own Soap: Follow these simple steps and you'll be cooking up suds in no time. Will, Karen Keb Instructions 2375
Natural Ways to Purify Water: What are my options for filtering contaminants out of my tap water? Wild, Megan 642
Recipes for an Annual Wild Edible Chickweed Salve & Chickweed Pesto: Let this star-shaped plant shine by using its invigorating properties in a potent healing salve and nutrient-rich wild greens pesto. de la Foret, Rosalee 1778
Ripe Reminders. Bisnette, Nancy Letter to the editor 173
Rodale Grows with Mini-Institutes. Sorell, Amanda Brief article 125
Shimmy Up the Beanpole. Saul, Earl Brief article 366
Simple Pleasures in Tough Times. Howe, James W., Jr. Letter to the editor 206
Sour Grapes for Wasps. Alger, Patricia Brief article 250
Spinning a Yarn. Wilson, Caitlin 2740
Sweet Relief. Corson, Helen Brief article 256
Tech Tools for Energy Efficiency: Monitor and modify your homes energy usage with these apps and devices. Sorell, Amanda 1916
Therapeutic Planting. McKeachie, Patrick Letter to the editor 223
Tubs of Grub. Granade, Mary Letter to the editor 277
Two Resolutions with One Stone. O'Reilly, Andrea Brief article 194
Vegging in the Subtropics. Passero, Sharon Letter to the editor 408
Work with What You Have. Beiber, Rob Letter to the editor 114

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