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Articles from Mother Earth News (October 1, 2011)

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82 sustainable gardening tips: go beyond organic with these creative, real-world ideas for more sustainable gardening. Stonebrook, Shelley 3471
A call for a decentralized power grid. Thompson, Stephanie Letter to the editor 122
All about growing strawberries. Pleasant, Barbara 1207
Appeal to new groups. Elenbaas, Melissa Letter to the editor 188
Best chicken breeds for meat production. 533
Build this easy hoop house to grow more food: extend your season like never before for less than $1,000. Maxwell, Steve Cover story 2517
Candlewick fire starters. McDougall, Len 308
Celebrate heritage livestock. Rogers, Alison Brief article 148
City farming: Mike Lieberman blogs to help you grow food and better health in your own space, no matter how small or urban. Interview 495
Community-scale biofuels. Lawrence, Robyn Griggs Brief article 140
Cooking real food. Website overview 135
Durable goods. Izell, Steve Letter to the editor 187
Ersatz bread for the birds. Evans-Dean, Carolyn 260
Featured blogs. Brief article 107
Great wiser living apps and more. Brief article 110
Grow cover crops for the best garden soil: if you want to grow lots of food, think of beneficial cover crops as essential in your garden. Ussery, Harvey 2124
How a chipper-shredder can help on your homestead: choose the right machine to convert your yard "waste" into high-quality mulch for your garden. Will, Oscar H., III 1294
How to get the best firewood for clean and affordable energy: find out where to harvest or buy firewood, plus how to split, dry and stack your logs for efficient wood heat. Gulland, John 2552
How to roast squash and pumpkin seeds: hey, pumpkin carvers: stop. Wait. Don't waste all of those yummy seeds! Brief article 321
I'm so excited! St. Germaine, Lyric Letter to the editor 171
Imprelis: DuPont's weed (and tree) killer. Pleasant, Barbara; Long, Cheryl 695
Learn new skills, reclaim your kitchen: these three super cookbooks focused, on technique will arm you with the most important ingredient in any dish: skill! Mather, Robin Book review 699
Living off the grid (and without propane): our Ontario home is powered by sun, wind and wood, and consumes almost zero fossil fuels. Kemp, William 1594
Local flavor: why you should try the fermented juice of regional apples. 449
Lower blood pressure naturally with hibiscus tea. Castleman, Michael 816
National Homesteading Education Month. 519
No mention of nut grass? Young, Kathy Letter to the editor 106
Not sure about SIPs. Fernandez, Dick Letter to the editor 211
Outdoor root cellars: five easy ways to store fresh food for winter right in your garden--it's as easy as tossing a bagful of leaves over a patch of carrots! Maxwell, Steve; Mackenzie, Jennifer 1612
Please continue to speak out. Miethe, Ute Letter to the editor 136
Rabbit: a great meat animal for small homesteads: clean, quiet rabbits are easy to raise, even for urban growers. Mather, Robin 1762
Radical recycling. Drone, Sally 134
Report on killer herbicide. Keller-Brown, Joy Letter to the editor 222
Shocking expose on the industrial food system. Will, Oscar H., III Book review 320
Straw mulch boosts garden diversity. Brooks, Barbara Letter to the editor 134
Successful Mother projects. D'Aleo, Eric Letter to the editor 118
Support mobile abattoirs for access to local meat. Evans, Amanda Kimble 398
Technology for all. Jimenez, Danielle Letter to the editor 130
The astonishing story of real milk: most modern dairy products are mere shadows of their rich, creamy, soul-satisfying predecessors. Come with us on a journey to discover how wonderfully delicious and nutritious milk can be. Mendelson, Anne 3531
The internet is invaluable. Heaner, Mary Letter to the editor 177
The satisfaction of self-reliant living. Forester, Ruth Letter to the editor 147
There's an app for that? Franz, Betsy 145
This feeder is too slick for squirrels. Dassatti, Vincent 189
Timesaver for apple butter and tomato sauce. Briggs, Wendy 254
Try farm-fresh American hard cider this season. Alterman, Tabitha Brief article 165
Use heat to control weeds. Pugliese, Joe Letter to the editor 146
We see you: your best photos. 122
What does it mean to 'kill humanely'? Some say predators, such as wolves, kill cruelly, whereas human hunters kill swiftly and painlessly--but neither notion is fair nor accurate. Welch, Bryan 1213
Who's been brainwashed? Tonkery, Brad Letter to the editor 129
Your mission: find a crackerjack cider producer near you. Recipe 562

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