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Articles from Mother Earth News (April 1, 2007)

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A barn reborn: this Maryland barn has been transformed into a unique and attractive solar home. Kittredge, Carola 1090
A barn reborn: this Maryland barn has been transformed into a unique and attractive solar home. Kittredge, Carola 1065
A rustic bookshelf made from an old ladder. Zabriskie, Mariah Brief article 164
Affordable, portable sawmill. Smith, Ed Brief article 303
America's new hunger: a cornucopia of new books tells us where our food comes from. Philpott, Tom 1307
Be your own plumber: forget expensive plumbing bills--here's how to install your own fixtures easily using basic tools. Maxwell, Steve 2866
Best accessories for your pickup: from hooks to winches to bed liners, these 12 add-ons will make your truck even more useful and efficient. Will, Oscar H., III 1182
Better is ... better. Purvis, Reuel S. Product/service evaluation 212
Blown away by JD. Adams, Dean Brief article 282
Blueberry bonanza: packed with fabulous flavor and nutrition, this delightful native fruit can be grown almost anywhere. Mattern, Vicki 2532
Bright ideas for home lighting: better lights are the No. 1 way to save money and energy. Phelps, Megan 2867
Buckshorn plantain: an old-time salad green, rediscovered. Weaver, William Woys 870
Build a pond: here are the basics of pond construction to help you create your own spot for summer fun! DeVault, George 2074
Build a simple solar heater: this low-cost plan lets you turn any south wall into a source of free solar heat. Reysa, Gary 2899
Build better garden soil: caring for the soil is the key to growing more of our own food. Ussery, Harvey 2032
Build this easy, low-cost big desk: anyone can make this sturdy work space using basic tools and an ordinary door. Maxwell, Steve 1117
Cheap is ... cheap. Ebeling, John 173
Choose the right pickup: with a truck, you can do more more efficiently. Kaho, Todd 2902
DOE Sued for Greater Good. Brief article 120
Don't skimp. Reeves, John Brief article 320
Easy DIY solar lighting: learn renewable energy basics and generate serious solar excitement! Higginson, Charles 2529
Easy solar power. Long, Cheryl 1430
Emergency roofing kit. Divine, Dennis Brief article 136
Essential advice for owner-builders: here's what you need to know about building codes before you build a house. Eisenberg, David 2352
Expert advice on straw bale building: surprising answers to common questions about this popular alternative building method. Magwood, Chris; Mack, Peter; Therrien, Tina 2002
Expert tips for installing windows: reduce the cost of new windows by putting them in yourself. Maxwell, Steve 1842
Faster, easier mowing: speedy and agile, zero-turn machines make mowing effortless. Welch, Bryan 1323
Find affordable country property. Idlebrook, Craig 489
Food: choices and consciousness: an omnivore's evolution. Tocke, Rose Letter to the editor 338
Food: choices and consciousness: consumers drive farming practices. Peters, Ernie Letter to the editor 218
Food: choices and consciousness: crow whisperer. Smith, Debra Letter to the editor 122
Food: choices and consciousness: know what you eat. Tarbell, Hetty Letter to the editor 163
Food: choices and consciousness: mower mixup. Dufour, Joel 251
Food: choices and consciousness: seeking a scythe. Swanson, Irena Letter to the editor 259
Food: choices and consciousness: some things do get better. Hull, Dorothy Letter to the editor 146
Food: choices and consciousness: stream water: safe for irrigation? Chernock, Stephen Letter to the editor 104
Food: choices and consciousness: the vegetarian choice. Cockrell, Susan Letter to the editor 444
Food: choices and consciousness: wants a weedless patio. Stanley, Alex Letter to the editor 151
Food: choices and consciousness: whole wheat and nothing but. Du Brul, Peter Letter to the editor 133
Food: choices and consciousness: wind power: a big fan. Bartiss, Rose Letter to the editor 125
Free solar hot water. Foy, Sheila Brief article 176
Fun & food for every season: we enjoy the outdoors by gardening, foraging, hunting and fishing. Grisak, Amy 1482
Garden transplanting: expert advice: follow these four simple steps to help your seedlings make a smooth transition from pot to garden. Pleasant, Barbara 1287
Go solar and save big! Every homeowner needs to know that passive solar design results in huge savings on energy bills. Snell, Clarke 3131
Go solar, you can do it! 495
Grade-a power grader. Welch, Bryan Brief article 255
Great reasons to dry your laundry in the sun. French, Marti Brief article 253
Greener computer: what you need, what you don't, how to save and how to recycle an old machine. 1947
Haul of fame: these carts and wheelbarrows will help you get the job done. Maxwell, Steve Buyers guide 2085
Heralds of spring: watch for these six sure signs that the season of renewal is finally here. Krautwurst, Terry 1950
High-performance windows: new coatings and better frames can save you money on heating and cooling your home. Pahl, Greg 2429
Homemade rototiller. Berger, David Brief article 209
How do your eggs stack up? Whether you live in the city or country, here's how to find healthy, delicious, farm-fresh eggs--and even raise a happy kens of own. Sayre, Laura 3941
Make easy compost tea. Bowser, Sr., Ed Brief article 236
Make good wood choices. Brief article 129
Make simple, beautiful garden fences and trellises: have fun with sticks transform them into useful, attractive wattle and wickets. Pleasant, Barbara 2145
Making energy upgrades affordable. Phelps, Megan 538
More ways to clean your clothes: don't bother me, I'm reading my mother. Hartwig, Jeff Letter to the editor 145
More ways to clean your clothes: don't forget your elders. White, Dollie B. Letter to the editor 112
More ways to clean your clothes: get a load of this. Marlowe, Michele Letter to the editor 235
Natural relief from headaches, even migraines: preventive treatments can help you stop headache pain before it starts. White, Linda B. 2392
New use for old wood. Edwards, Kyle Brief article 124
Our wonderful wood-fired hot tub. Stocking, Angus W. 368
Out of this world gazebo. Meisel, Randy 377
Pellet Prospects: Will Supply Meet Demand? Gulland, John 484
Picture-perfect path & patios: use durable paving bricks to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Maxwell, Steve 3008
Plant a hollyhock garden. Wray, Evelyn Brief article 117
Portable chicken mini-coop plan: with this unique design, anyone can keep a few chickens, even in small back yards. Long, Cheryl 1406
Preserving the good life: a Maine couple goes back to the land and makes a business of homemade foods and crafts. English, Jean 2306
Relief for weary monarchs. Pleasant, Barbara 491
Renewables to the rescue. 507
Ride green with electric bikes and scooters: hop on one of these fun machines and never buy gas again. Moore, Bill 2678
Seed company rises from the ashes. Pleasant, Barbara 389
Simple energy saving strategies: take these easy steps to cut your energy use, slash utility bills and make the move to renewable energy. Chiras, Dan 3010
Solid from Sears. Coscia, Dom Brief article 120
Sparkling Clean. French, Marti Brief article 194
Tasty greens dip. Daniels-Zeller, Debra Brief article 216
The sweetest potatoes: slip some nutritious and delicious sweet potatoes into this year's vegetable patch. Pelczar, Rita 1993
Think ahead. James, Nathan Brief article 134
Viva i Fichi! Biagiotti, Aldo 482
Vote with your dollars: opt for green energy. Wacker, Tim 624
Vote with your dollars: opt for green energy. Wacker, Tim 623
Weld a portable vise. Woodzick, John Brief article 289
Whee! Long, Cheryl Editorial 254
Wise Web sites. Website list 159
Wise web sites. Website list 155
Worm-free apples. Swensen, Ted Brief article 191
You can afford solar power: here's how to calculate the payback period for a PV system. Black, Andy 1871
Your best heating & cooling options: here's how to choose the right system for your new green home or renovation. Wilson, Alex 2790

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