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Mother 'buried baby on rubbish dump'.

A young mother appeared in a US court accused of assault and battery with intent to kill after her newborn son was found buried in a shallow grave.

Police say Carolyn Jones buried him headfirst in a rubbish dump in the town of Fairfax, South Carolina, and left him to die.

'The good Lord was looking after this infant,' said Police Chief John Sullivan.

Jones (21) was held in lieu of a pounds 28,000 bond. Her 5lb 11oz son was in good condition at a Columbia hospital.

At a hearing, Jones would not answer questions about why she left the baby. Her mother said Jones buried the boy because she thought he was dead.

'She's a good person,' Bertha Jones said of her daughter. 'She knew that baby wasn't alive. I know in my heart she would have never did what she did' if she had known the baby were alive.

Police allege that Jones gave birth last Friday, then took the baby to the dump near this rural community of 2,500 people and buried him in a 14-in grave. She then went to Allendale County Hospital, where doctors alerted police that the woman had signs of giving birth but had no baby.

Jones told authorities that she thought the baby was dead and buried it along a dirt road. Jones was taken by ambulance to the dump and told police where she left the infant.

'She pointed right to where it was - we started digging,' said paramedic Joe Topper. 'The baby was crying. It sounded like his lungs were doing good.'

The boy was found face-down in a shallow grave, hidden by a board. 'He had a pulse - some of the dirt was moving up and down,' said Marvin Williams, assistant police chief.

Bertha Jones said neither she nor her daughter knew about the pregnancy until the baby was born. 'There was no sign, and she said she didn't know,' she said.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Sep 13, 2000
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