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Most welcome grading system, but are not sure of the Eo,e1/4Y[pounds sterling]no-examEo,e1/4,ao part.

Byline: Mrudu Naik

MUSCAT Eoe1/4" The Indian Human Resource Development MinistryEoe1/4aos directive to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to introduce examinations on demand for Class X students and initiate grading system has received a mixed response from principals, parents and the student community in Oman.

While some believe that examinations are an integral part of the education system, others seek more time before implementing the decision. And there are still others who welcome the decisions.

According to the new rules, students will be subjected to continuous comprehensive evaluation instead of having to write exams, while those who want to switch schools can test themselves by taking an optional test. Together with this a grading system to replace marks in CBSE schools is also in place.

Eoe1/4EoWhile the grading system will help students, I believe the concept of Eoe1/4Eotest on demandEoe1/4A[yen] needs to be made clearer. I guess we will have to wait for the official CBSE circular,Eoe1/4A[yen] says Papri Ghosh, principal, Indian School Ghubra.

Welcoming the grading system Dr Ravi Warrier, principal, Indian School Darsait, said, Eoe1/4EoItEoe1/4aos been a step by step process by the CBSE Board.

Eoe1/4EoFirst, it was grading up to the fifth; then three years ago, we were asked to continue grading till the eighth. Now it will be applicable to higher classes. Anyway, I find the grading system the best because this way there is no comparison between students,Eoe1/4A[yen] he says.

According to Achuthan Madhav, principal, Indian School Muscat the move to grade students will ensure academic discipline within the school to complete the different dimensions of learning in the CBSE curriculum and monitor duty-discipline among the teachers with well-monitored performance.

He, however, doesnEoe1/4aot believe scrapping examination is a good idea. Eoe1/4EoIn my opinion, this experimental and unchallenged thinking will have a forced death and moved to the cold storage since a vast majority of the stake holders Eoe1/4" educators, parents and students Eoe1/4" are against making Class X board examinations optional.Eoe1/4A[yen]

T. Premkumar, principal, Indian School Seeb also welcomes the grading system, but is sceptical about making exams optional.

Gulf factor

Eoe1/4EoIn the Gulf there is a constant fear that parents may lose their jobs any time, and so to be on the safer side, parents would compel their wards to take the board examination. So, how will these students and their parents benefit Eoe1/4A[yen] he asks.

Manjula Venkatachalam whose daughter Janani is a Class X student in ISM is happy that the grading system is in place. Eoe1/4EoSince it will focus on cycle tests that test knowledge of the subject, understanding of the concept and its application I welcome the move. My daughter is happy with the move but she would certainly opt to take the examination,Eoe1/4A[yen] says Manjula.

Sangeetha Kulkarni, whose daughter Prachi is an Indian School Ghubra Class X student, says though the system is good, it needs to be given more thought before being implemented.

A Class X student of ISM, Tejaswini Hegde says the introduction of the grading system from the current year and the abolishing of the CBSE Class X exams from 2011 had come as a Eoe1/4Eobreaking newsEoe1/4A[yen] for her classmates.

Eoe1/4EoIntroducing the grading system for the present batch (2009-2010) at this point of time creates a lot of confusion. Any new CBSE rule should be introduced preferably before the start of the new academic year where teachers, parents and students get enough time to make the necessary changes and adjust themselves to the new set-up,Eoe1/4A[yen] she suggests.

According to her, the marking system is always better than the grading system as the former instils the competitive spirit.

Eoe1/4EoLife is full of challenges, and I believe exams prepare us for them. The grading system may perhaps suit the average and below average students, but the toppers and the above average category will definitely be affected. Abolishing exams for Class X and directly writing Class XII boards will not be easy for all, as admissions to top engineering and professional colleges are decided on marginal difference of marks. If change is introduced it should be done simultaneously for Class X and XII,Eoe1/4A[yen] Tejaswini argues.

Rekha GirishEoe1/4aos son, Gautham, will be in the tenth grade next year and she is happy with the move. Eoe1/4EoI think it will ease the pressure on students. However, my son is okay with both the decisions,Eoe1/4A[yen] she says.

Sri LekhaEoe1/4aos daughter, Tanisha Goveas, will enter Class X next year. She too didnEoe1/4aot appear worried. Eoe1/4EoEvery new rule will have its plus and minuses. Eventually everything will fall in place.Eoe1/4A[yen] says Sri Lekha.

However Asha M., another parent, doesnEoe1/4aot agree. Eoe1/4EoWe parents need to see the guidelines on the criteria to decide on what basis our children will be admitted in the various streams after standard X, which is the checking point for them. That is where they decide which stream they will opt for,Eoe1/4A[yen] she points out.

Eoe1/4EoI am sure a majority of the parents are not in favour of the new system and are apprehensive of its outcome,Eoe1/4A[yen] she adds.

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Publication:Times of Oman (Muscat, Oman)
Date:Sep 9, 2009
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