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Most stars are being pampered and preened []; WATTS the GOSS.

Byline: Halina Watts down the showbiz rabbit hole

Most stars are being pampered and preened before the Oscars. But not Hollywood legend Jane Fonda and Best Actor nominee Joaquin Phoenix , who were saving the planet in downtown LA instead.

Joaquin, 45, tipped to win for his portrayal of the Joker, marched alongside Jane, 82, who was leading the Fire Drill Fridays protest.

I joined the duo, who were also supported by Joaquin's girlfriend Rooney Mara, 34, Jane's Grace and Frankie on-screen daughter Brooklyn Decker, 32, and Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright, 28.

Joaquin is expected to use his winning speech to highlight the lack of diversity within the awards and highlight global warming.

Jane said getting arrested for protesting was a powerful way of fighting for change.

She tells me: "Even though you are in handcuffs and even though you are powerless you are powerful.

"We have petitioned, we have lobbied and they haven't listened, so we are going to have to grow bigger and bigger and become an army that fills the streets and shuts the government down if necessary."

On Friday night, Jane, who has previously been arrested for protesting over climate change, threw an alternative Oscars bash for Joaquin and leading environmental activists. She'll be pleased to know the food served at the Governor's Ball following the awards will be 70 per cent vegan.

Before marching, she also told of her pride at Joaquin's nomination, saying he was "walking the talk". No joke.


SHOWING GRACE With Brooklyn Decker

WRIGHT IDEA Halina with Bonnie WRIG Halin

SERIOUS JOKER Halina with Joaquin


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Author:Halina Watts down the showbiz rabbit hole
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 9, 2020
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