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Most likely groove girls: the hit list.

We scoured the country to come up with our list of musicians--some gay, some straight (you do the guessing)--who deserve all the accolades thrust upon them.

Most Deserving of Overnight Fame


This 19-year-old French singer's amazing vocal range (think Whitney Houston) so impressed Lava Records that they signed her for a million-dollar, five-album contract. The daughter of Sephardic Jews from North Africa, Cherie (nee Cindy Almouzni) can sing in four languages, plus her self-titled debut offers up Gen-Yish ballads and Top-40 ditties, including one cut that opens with the familiar guitar licks of Foreigner's "Urgent."

Most Likely to Make You Purr

Kitten on the Keys

The flirty Kitten (aka Suzanne Ramsey) got her start playing piano with Courtney Love, and now she's da bomb in San Francisco's burlesque scene. This bawdy babe has three CDs on her own label (Rug Burn Records): Kitten on the Keys, Kitty Muffins (which features a Hello Kitty vibrator solo) and this summer's release, (It's Not a) Pretty Princess Day. In "Dangerous Nan McGraw," she sings of a butch logger who lived in the 1900s Northwest; in another, well, let's just say it's titled "My Girl's Pussy." Her teasing crooning makes fans throw their knickers on the stage. Best of all? Her Betty Boop-esque remake of the Sex Pistols classic "Anarchy in the U.K." Anarchist indeed.

Most Attractive Gypsy

Diana De Mar

Gypsies get a raw deal. They're the warty broads of cartoon lore (a la The Simpsons) or con artists on A & E documentaries. Diana De Mar, a Romanychal descendent who grew up in Greece and Turkey, will change all that. Her new CD, Gypsy Girl, is spunky, vibrant and untamed, which is befitting of a girl who decorates her apartment with steamer trunks and keeps jewelry in her car so she's ready to split at any moment. Better yet: She acts like Pink, looks like Britney and, we bet, moves like Shakira.

Most Likely to Turn You Into an Obsessed Fan

Danielle Egnew of Pope Jane

We pity the fool who doesn't know the joys of out rocker Danielle Egnew. This Montana native became an indie music producer in her late teens and so far has scored three meditation albums (Rise, Vast and Pulse), written for and produced numerous other musical artists, scored films and TV shows, and designed video games (most recently Keno King), Plus, she co-founded the Urban Guerilla Street Theatre Collective in Seattle, appears in scads of TV commercials and is an accomplished playwright. Did we mention she fronts Pope Jane? The three-member band has sold over 71,000 copies of their five albums and gained fans--a great number of them dykes--around the globe. "Goodness," she says when we ask her about fanatic fans. "You take a picture without a bra on and all hell breaks loose."

Most Likely to Convert You to Classical


The vixens on violins of bond have become the best-selling string quartet of all time. That's because their newest CD, Classified, breaks all the rules of stuffy music by adding African and electro beats as well as hip-hop and Latin. Songs like "Seniorita" were influenced by the likes of Missy Elliott. Technically, bond features two violins, a viola, and a cello, each played a by a woman who's model-beautiful. And they're still goofy and down-to-earth. It's high time Asian-European bondster Gay-Yee Westerhoff got marriage proposals from this side of the fence.

Most Likely to Break Your Heart

Charlotte Martin

From her electrifying four-song EP, In Parentheses, to her new full-length album, On Your Shore, Charlotte Martin has proven she can make us cry. Singing about breakups hasn't been this good since Air Supply ("When I was melting in your hand you didn't understand/You slip through me like grains of sand you still don't understand/Overboard I'm thrown out to see what you are and what I mean to me").

Most Important Music Magazine


This 104-page, girl-driven magazine explores all things women and music, with tons of queer rockers in the mix. The zine is chock-a-block with reviews (ever hear the no-wave band Boyskout sing "Girl on Girl Action"?) and interviews (everyone from Olympia-based band the Gossip to skater Peggy Oki to Detroit MC Miz Korona). But editor Amy Schroeder has packed Venus with other fun stuff for chicks who don't even care about melody.

Most Likely to Make You Dance

Twisted Dee

This New York-based lesbian DJ is fast becoming the queen of the new circuit scene in Boston, Philadelphia, New York and D.C. Dee began her career as a teenage DJ at her family-owned Long Island dance club. Now with her debut compilation, Addiction, Twisted is bringing lesbians back to dance music.

Most Likely to Make You Hang Out With Guys

Mary LaSang of Cowboy Mouth

Move over, Dave Navarro: The fiercest bass player on our radar is Mary LaSang, the hottie who adds spice to the all-guy rock group Cowboy Mouth. "Being a lesbian in an otherwise straight, all-male band," she says, "has been incredible. They treat me as an equal because I've shown them that I can rock out right along with them. The self-described band nerd also fronts the New Orleans-based Dingo 8 and serves as session musician on vocals, percussion, bass and keyboards.
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