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Most expensive step ever.

We hired a contractor to replace our front step. Once it was removed, he attached an auger to his skid loader and told one of his workers where to drill holes for the footings, then he left. After lunch, he returned to pour the concrete.

All seemed well and good until after supper, when we noticed that our laundry room floor drain had backed up. I thought that tree roots had grown into the sewer line again--it happens every year. But when city workers inspected it, they discovered something else--the contractor and his guys had drilled through the sewer line and filled it with concrete. Replacing the line involved digging up 40 ft. of yard and 12 ft. under the house (taking out my basement floor) and cutting down a 50-year-old tree. What I learned is this: Anytime you're planning to dig big holes, have everything marked, including the sewer line.


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Title Annotation:GREAT GOOFS[R]
Author:Stapleton, Rod
Publication:The Family Handyman
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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