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Mosquito INVASION; Warm days mean bloodsucker plague.


SWARMS of bloodthirsty mosquitoes are set to infest Britain.

Warm weather interspersed with colder wet days will lead to a plague of the pests in coming weeks, an expert predicts.

Female insects, which suck human blood, will be on a feeding frenzy before they start breeding in October.

Bite expert Howard Carter said: "From next week people will get bitten more and more.

"Warm days are forecast until October, interspersed with cold wet ones, which are perfect for mosquitoes.

"This is when you need to be vigilant. Mosquitoes will be feeding from people indiscriminately. They are hungry as we approach this time and need their final blood meal to take them through winter."

Mr Carter said anti-freeze in the insects' blood then enables them to survive the cold. They can even lie dormant in ice.

In many parts of the world mosquitoes spread the malaria parasite and cause other deadly illnesses. In Britain, locally transmitted malaria died out in the 1950s and today mozzies are merely a nuisance, although bites can get infected or trigger allergic reactions.

Up to 20% of the population are highly attractive to the little biters.

Sufferers are recommended to cover up with dark clothing, avoid being outdoors on warm still mornings and evenings, use repellant and avoid stagnant water.



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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 12, 2015
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