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Mosque open days for years.

We write in response to Ann Sullivan's article 'Open days at mosque?' on August 30, in which she asks if it is possible for mosques to have open days. We here at the Islamic Centre, in Alice Street, known locally as The Docks Mosque, and other mosques throughout the UK have been holding open days and visits for years.

We have schools from all over South Wales (and sometimes from as far as West Wales!) visiting us on an almost daily basis, sometimes twice a day - except during Ramadan and the school holidays.

We are a charitable project funded by donations and run by people who also have to earn a living and bring up their families, and unfortunately we do not have regular articles or writers in the press or TV shows so we can air our views in full.

Rather, we are fighting against a deliberate and increasingly vicious campaign of lies against Islam and Muslims in the press and TV and by some ill-informed members of the public.

We would also like to inform Ms Sullivan that over the years we have had many non-Muslims, comprising outside visitors and local people, attending funeral services, weddings, celebrations and such like events and yes, of course women attend the mosques, but the men pray in a separate room. If any group, school or organisation would like to visit please phone ahead and we will try to arrange a mutually convenient time. I hope we have the opportunity to allay some of Ms Sullivan's suspicions of us. Daoud Salaman Chairman, South Wales Islamic Centre, Alice Street, Butetown, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 8, 2006
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