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A Bittersweet Return: Melisande Short-Colomb takes up Georgetown's offer to begin a complicated process of reconciliation with the descendants of the 272 slaves the institution sold in 1838. Interview Nov 16, 2017 1576
The Changing Art of Talent Acquisition. Nov 2, 2017 835
Expanding Diversity: Under Dr. John Sygielski's leadership, HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College has made great strides in creating an inclusive environment. Nov 2, 2017 1782
From Foster Care to Higher Ed: Field Center at University of Pennsylvania advocates for former foster youth planning to attend local colleges. Oct 19, 2017 808
Helping Veterans Transition to Civilian Professions: Why West Kentucky Community and Technical College is an especially attractive community college for veterans. Oct 19, 2017 1522
An Online Education Pioneer: Western Governors University is reaping rewards by focusing on health, teaching, business and IT. Oct 5, 2017 1335
Institutions tackle rising tuition costs. Sep 7, 2017 936
Grant program for students' child care imperiled. Aug 24, 2017 913
An Institution with a storied history: St. Philip's College has the distinction of being both a historically black college and a Hispanic serving institution. Aug 10, 2017 1669
Universities and Urban America. Book review Aug 10, 2017 825
St. Mary's College confronts slavery in its past. Jun 15, 2017 2227
Community colleges working around state budget cuts. Jun 1, 2017 1193
Campus LGBTQ organizations hit their stride. Jun 1, 2017 1776
Tennessee reconnect to clear path to degrees for adult learners. May 18, 2017 861
ETS lends a helping hand to HBCU students. May 4, 2017 1204
A historic comeback: sweet Briar College ushers in a new chapter. May 4, 2017 1658
Student-Athlete par excellence. Interview Apr 6, 2017 776
Aspirations and accomplishments. Interview Apr 6, 2017 770
Top 25 women in higher education & beyond: we salute and honor a diverse group of women who have made significant contributions in higher education and beyond. Mar 9, 2017 2244
'Black radical'. Interview Feb 9, 2017 932
Making history: Dr. Greg E. Carr, associate professor and chair of African American Studies at Howard University, reflects on the historical, emotional impact of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Feb 9, 2017 455
Exploring Christianity's global reach. Interview Jan 26, 2017 728
Empowering teen parents. Interview Jan 26, 2017 742
In memoriam. Obituary Dec 29, 2016 975
Standing strong: in the midst of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, last year, higher ed institutions in the area are a safe haven for the students and community. Dec 15, 2016 1211
Study Underscores Bias Obstacles for women, minorities in engineering. Dec 1, 2016 718
HACU conference hones in on latino graduation, retention. Conference news Nov 3, 2016 836
Madrid's maturation: after a more than 50-year career in higher education and government, Dr. Arturo Madrid's commitment to the advancement of the Latino community remains strong. Nov 3, 2016 1166
Experts say Latino student enrollment outpacing faculty tenure pace. Oct 20, 2016 758
A new direction: the Posse Veterans Program is one of a few programs that offer structured pathways to a select group of elite colleges for veterans. Oct 20, 2016 1366
Tribal culture, oil access collide in North Dakota. Oct 6, 2016 726
Memory, Mourning and Mobilization: a public summit hosted by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation brought hundreds to Monticello for a discussion on history, race and slavery. Oct 6, 2016 1234
Georgetown University to atone for slavery ties. Sep 22, 2016 823
Curbing consumption: in an effort to combat issues with underage and high-risk drinking on campus, institutions nave rolled out new alcohol policies. Sep 8, 2016 1348
Bahng's tenure controversy clouds Ivy league for Asian American studies advocates. Aug 11, 2016 846
Health researchers hone in on sexual and gender minority issues. Aug 11, 2016 633
New guidebook examines college admissions from Asian American perspective. Jul 28, 2016 756
Best of both worlds: New Hampshire community colleges work to bridge workforce gaps despite some of the highest costs of tuition in the country. Jul 28, 2016 1348
California Community Colleges expand transfer deal with HBCUs. Jul 14, 2016 836
New territory: Portland Community College institutes Whiteness History Month to advance race conversations. Jul 14, 2016 1306
Chicago State University forges ahead despite financial headwinds. Jun 30, 2016 1051
Where's the money? wealthy, diverse donors are increasingly becoming prime fundraising targets for colleges and universities. Jun 30, 2016 1466
Best of both worlds. Interview Jun 16, 2016 799
Qualified minority faculty member denied tenure at Dartmouth College. Jun 16, 2016 892
Report outlines strategies for successful community college transfers. Jun 16, 2016 687
The Bathroom Wars: North Carolina colleges and universities deal with the aftermath or HB2. Jun 16, 2016 1403
A Keene Ally. Interview Jun 2, 2016 805
Education Department urges colleges to reconsider asking about criminal records. Jun 2, 2016 530
A Maine nonprofit is focusing on helping students of Somalian descent navigate through high school and on to college. Jun 2, 2016 2312
The Ivy in New Hampshire is making efforts to increase diversity and inclusion on its college campus. Jun 2, 2016 1421
White House adding $100 million program to tuition-free community college push. May 19, 2016 608
Climbing the ladder. Interview May 5, 2016 815
Take refuge: a Chicago-based organization is working at helping North Koreans in the United States adapt and earn an education. Interview May 5, 2016 1229
Report finds remedial programs a weak spot at Community Colleges. Mar 24, 2016 687
Holistic review for graduate school admissions under scrutiny. Mar 10, 2016 824
Frontier Nursing University goes the distance in aiding underserved communities. Mar 10, 2016 1131
State of the art: Moore College of Art & Design is paving the way for diversity in fashion, art and design while cultivating female leadership throughout the industry. Mar 10, 2016 1711
Ambassador for change. Interview Feb 25, 2016 794
Federal Trade Commission Sues DeVry University. Feb 25, 2016 589
Study says 'Momentum Matters' for community college transfer students. Feb 11, 2016 529
A bitter pill: the Tuskegee syphilis experiment's effect on its subjects and descendants carries to this day, bearing relevance to minority and lower-income public health. Feb 11, 2016 2545
Non-tenure-track faculty moving to front of hiring line. Jan 28, 2016 660
Claflin University promoting female entrepreneurship in India. Jan 28, 2016 549
Architectural foundation. Jan 28, 2016 828
Underwater mechanic. Jan 28, 2016 676
Unconventional route. Jan 28, 2016 795
Dr. Rufus Glasper to lead league for innovation in the community college. Jan 14, 2016 550
Pay it forward: the national debate to make community colleges free continues as more stat es develop a tuition-free plan for students. Dec 17, 2015 1557
President Obama tackles native education, poverty at Tribal Nations Conference. Dec 3, 2015 919
Saving lives: nursing and health care education in Haiti is slowly growing after the catastrophic earthquake of 2010. Dec 3, 2015 1856
A healthy mind: the Steve Fund organization works to fight mental illness in minority communities by reaching out to support affected college students. Nov 19, 2015 2609
Serving notice: a dearth of minority representation in the legal profession remains a serious issue that begins with a quality education for all students. Nov 5, 2015 1661
Serve and protect. Interview Oct 22, 2015 932
Government grants millions to Native American tribal organizations. Oct 22, 2015 587
Footing the Bill: the GI Bill has transformed and continues to transform how service members receive higher education. Oct 22, 2015 1578
Hip-hop activist. Interview Oct 8, 2015 780
Cedarville University not giving ground on same-sex relationship matters. Sep 24, 2015 648
Trouble in paradise: the economic crisis in Puerto Rico has caused some leaders to consider making significant cuts in education. Sep 24, 2015 1293
Christian college controversy: the Supreme Court's recent decision to legalize same-sex marriage has caused some institutions to have conflicting views on prohibiting same-sex relationships on campus. Sep 10, 2015 1333
University research espouses tribal nation building in new book. Sep 10, 2015 648
New online learning program prepares inmates for life after prison. Aug 13, 2015 925
America's college promise act will impact 9 million at community colleges and MSIs. Aug 13, 2015 851
Building Becker: Becker college has made a complete transformation in enrollment, endowment and overall quality after being named one of America's worst colleges in 2014. Aug 13, 2015 1681
BCCC in good standing while Sojourner-Douglass loses accreditation. Jul 30, 2015 869
Leading the pack: as demographics shift, various leadership institutes are looking to groom younger, female and minority candidates to succeed in presidential positions at America's colleges. Jul 30, 2015 1334
Senate committee criticizes education accreditation process. Jul 16, 2015 882
Sweet Briar's last-ditch effort after agreement gives college a year. Jul 16, 2015 825
State of flux: governments are struggling with whether to invest in higher education amid high operating expenses, budget cuts and the need for an educated workforce. Jul 2, 2015 1289
Second chances: the Community College of Baltimore County's accelerated learning program has proved successful for students, despite the mired state of remedial education. Jul 2, 2015 1147
Engineering change. Jun 18, 2015 733
Committee investigates failing state of Native American education. Jun 18, 2015 929
Asian American groups file federal complaint against Harvard. Jun 4, 2015 1376
Genius proportions. Interview May 21, 2015 801
A question of fairness: a recent lawsuit alleges that Harvard University's admissions process discriminates against Asian Americans. May 21, 2015 1635
Pell Grant program, reauthorization of HEA a key goal for many groups. May 7, 2015 767
Leading legacy: miami dade college's legacy is far-reaching and continues to serve as a model of excellence for community colleges. Apr 23, 2015 1921
HBCU presidents seek next chapters to institutions' success stories. Conference notes Apr 9, 2015 973
Federal regulations draining universities of time and resources. Mar 26, 2015 655
Minority report: white faculty deal with the challenges of teaching at HBCUs. Mar 26, 2015 2936
Goucher College's video application a hit. Feb 26, 2015 642

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