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Morphophysiopathology of the synovial plica in articulation of the knee in humans--dissection and revision of literature.

MORPHOPHYSIOPATHOLOGY OF THE SYNOVIAL PLICA IN ARTICULATION OF THE KNEE IN HUMANS--DISSECTION AND REVISION OF LITERATURE. SILVA, E. A. (1); GOMES, S. P. (2); GOMES, C. R. G (3). Master Degree Student in Anatomy of the Domestic and Wild Animals-FMVZ/USP (1,2).; Advisor, Department of Morphophysiologic Science--State University of Maringa-Pr (3).

Remaining of the embryological septo the synovial plica of the articulation of the knee is a fold in the internal face the synovia (synovial membrane), which separates embryologically form the patella in three compartments, being initiated the reabsorption of this synovia from the 4th month of intra-uterine life on, allowing the patella to be contained in a single cavity. When the synovial plica is not correctly reabsorbed, added the repetitive activities as sports or activities that request repeated movements, it becomes object of painful symptomology in the articulation of the knee, which is named "pathological plica"; anathomopathologically are fibrotic, thickened and with irregular contours; histologically are fibrotic, hialinizated and calcified; however in normal conditions they are fine, rosy and flexible. The synovial plica are not present in all the individuals and are usually classified according to the corresponding anatomical places in: suprapatellar plica, infrapatellar, medial patellar and lateral patellar. Due to the several disposition forms in the knee during the reabsorption period, a great divergence among authors is noticeed when related to its form and location. Though this study aimed at to describe the synovial plica in order to make clear some obscure points related to its form, location and classification. As methodological resource it was accomplished a vast literature revision associated to dissections and morphologic observations of human anatomical pieces coming from the Laboratory of Anatomy of the State University of Maringa, Maringa--Pr. After revision of associated literature of these dissections, it was verified that the incidence of the frequency of the sinovial pleat commits 20--50% of the population, equally in both sexes. However an exact anamnese and correct physical examination, are appropriate resources to confirm the diagnosis of the synovial plica and essential to avoid an unnecessary surgical treatment.

Key words: Knee joint; Synovial plica; Morphophysiopathology.

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Author:Silva, E.A.; Gomes, S.P.; Gomes, C.R.G.
Publication:International Journal of Morphology
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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