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Morocco : HM The King Calls On Council Of Arab Interior Ministers To Adopt 'Rational, Forward-Looking Approach' To Preserve Security, Stability.

HM King Mohammed VI called the Council of Arab Interior Ministers to adopt rational, forward-looking and far-sighted approaches to promote security and stability in their countries.

HM the King called on the Council to adopt "rational, forward-looking and far-sighted approaches that can effectively contribute to the development of creative plans based on coordination and cooperation in order to deal with anything that could compromise the security and stability of our countries, or the safety of our citizens," in a message read on his behalf by Interior minister, Mohamed Hassad.

The Sovereign also recalled that "successful security policies and effective pre-emptive measures hinge on the involvement and contribution of the citizens, who fully realize their constructive role in ensuring security and serenity, in the same way as they play an active part in the development process and in creating the right conditions for investment and the achievement of progress."

The convening of the Marrakech 13th session of the Council of Arab ministers, amid significant changes and far-reaching reforms under way in the Arab world, "will no doubt provide a chance to get to the heart of the concept of security," he said.

The Monarch said the meeting "will contribute to enhancing the security of our Arab countries, making them immune to the perils of extremism and terrorism and to all types of organized crime, including arms smuggling and trafficking in human beings and drugs."

The meeting also attests to "the strong will of Arab interior ministers to preserve the security and stability of our Arab world, and to uphold the values of cohesion, peace and cultural openness, which form the bedrock of our communities," HM the King said.

He said "the concept of real security is much broader than the narrow meaning it is usually given. Security primarily means putting the citizen at the heart of public policy, capitalizing on an effective social partnership in which the State and the citizens mutually supplement and reinforce one another a partnership in which security imperatives, development requisites and respect for human rights go hand in hand."

The Marrakech meeting, His Majesty said, is "a fresh start" for the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, particularly in light of "the sweeping changes in the region and the overall situation in the Arab world," adding that the ministers are therefore called upon to agree on the same approach and enhance coordination and constructive consultation to promote development and ensure security and stability.

HM the King also paid a tribute to His Royal Highness Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, the Honorary President of the Council for his pivotal role in ensuring the continuity of the Council s meetings, right from the first session, which was held in Casablanca in 1982.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 14, 2014
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