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Moroccans prefer the drama series "Asmahan".

Summary: The television drama series "Asmahan" being aired on the Moroccan second channel is the most popular among viewers in Morocco

The television drama series "Asmahan" being aired on the Moroccan second channel is the most popular among viewers in Morocco. It has is even surpassed the comedy shows being aired on the Moroccan channels during the "Iftar" (breaking the fast) time at sunset.

The most watched Arab satellite channels in Morocco are Abu Dhabi, MBC and Dubai. This Ramadan season the first and the second Moroccan channels have entered the competition.

The story of "Asmahan" was written by Mamdouh Al Atrash and Qamar Al Zaman Aloush. The script was written by Syrian Nabil Al Malih and Egyptian Basyouni Othman. The series was directed by Tunisian Shawqi Al Majri.

A number of actors from various Arab countries are starting in "Asmahan."

Syrian Solaf Fawakhriji plays the leading role of Asmahan. Abed Al Fahed is playing Hasan Al Atrash and Firas Ibrahim plays Fouad Al Atrash.

Egyptian Amal Riziq plays Aminah Al Barodi, Yousif Sha'ban plays Ahmad Hasaneen and Ahmad Shaker Abed Al Latif plays Farid Al Atrash. There are also Lebanese and Tunisian stars taking part in the series.

"Asmahan" is about the life of the legendary singer Asmahan, starting with her birth and ending with her mysterious death. 2008 Al Bawaba (

2008 Al Bawaba (

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Date:Sep 17, 2008
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