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Morning Shows & Rosie Continue to Shine, FOX 2 Prime Finishes 3rd in November Sweep

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Nov. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- A showdown with the competition is the spin FOX 2 is putting on its strong performance in mornings and afternoons in November. EYEWITNESS MORNING and ROSIE O'DONNELL continue to flex their muscles with the morning show finishing with a 4 household rating and a 17 share 6-7 AM, and a 6 household rating and a 20 share, from 7-9 AM. Last year, EYEWITNESS MORNING finished with 3 rating and a 17 share in the 6-7 AM hour, showing a 33% increase in household rating year-to-year. From 7-9 AM, the picture is even rosier -- last year's numbers gave FOX 2 a 5 rating and an 18 share, showing a 20% increase in household rating -- continuing to beat the TODAY SHOW.

ROSIE's performance kept afternoons hot, with a 6 household rating and a 15 share -- up a full 20% in household rating year-to-year and book-to-book, less than a rating point behind solid performer MONTEL WILLIAMS. "Last year, in the same time period FIRST NEWS pulled a 5 rating and 11 share," stated FOX 2 Station Manager Carolyn Worford. "Viewers showed they were ready for a change at 4, and that Rosie was their choice."

Again, FOX 2 finished a strong 3rd in prime time, Monday through Sunday, with a 9 household rating and a 13 share. Part of FOX 2's prime time success can be attributed to the X-FILES' blockbuster numbers. X-FILES finished the month stronger than ever, with a 14 rating and an 18 share, up 27% in household rating for the time period, and up 8% in household rating since moving to Sunday. Already a heavyweight on Fridays, X-FILES proved its mettle on Sundays by surpassing its own record.

At 10, the picture remains bright with an 8 rating and a 12 share, again outperforming its October numbers with a 14% increase in household rating and a 20% increase in household share, reigning as the Number One 10 PM news.

There's something to sing about on Saturdays, too, with EYEWITNESS WEEKEND's 5 rating and 16 share outperforming last year's 4 rating/14 share by 25% in household rating at 8 AM. CHEERS hits a high note, too, in late fringe with a 6 rating and 10 share -- a sharp increase over last year's 5 rating/ 8 share, and a full 20% increase in household rating year-to-year and book-to-book.

FOX 2 is owned and operated by Atlanta-based New World Communications Group, Inc., which owns and operates ten FOX affiliates.

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Date:Nov 26, 1996
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