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Mormon/Jewish Controversy: The Problem That Won't Go Away.

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Less than three months after the Mormon Church assured the latest round of Jewish leaders that they had the problem of the posthumous baptism of Holocaust victims under control, Anne Frank was cleared for baptism an 11th time. The submission and approval violated two rules set by the Church: (1) not to submit for posthumous baptism people who were murdered in the Holocaust and (2) a long standing rule not to submit for posthumous baptism people who were born within the past 95 years.

The person who submitted Anne Frank is also named Frank. No doubt he will claim he is Anne Frank's "fourth cousin three times removed" and that entitles him to submit the name.

It is believed that the Church has a list of famous people that they periodically pass against new submissions to purge those that violate the Church rule that Mormons should focus on their family not on famous people. Anne Frank was submitted as Anne Liesse Marie Frank, likely to get around the Church's screening system.

Meanwhile, another famous woman=97known primarily to Americans=97has been submitted as a candidate for posthumous baptism just one day after her death. Elizabeth Edwards, who was in the public limelight in the U.S. for a multitude of reasons, including her battle with breast cancer, has been placed in the Mormon ordinance pipeline=97using her maiden name, Anania=97just one day after her death last Tuesday.

Yet another Mormon thinks the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives him the right to involve other people's families in the Mormon religion. Her son, Wade Edwards was killed in an auto accident in 1996 and is already on the Mormon rolls.

When the news media covered the event three months ago indicating the Church and Jewish leaders came to an understanding, I was quoted as saying that it won't work because there is no (significant) disciplinary action against these violators of Church rules. I call these rules the "55-mile-an-hour" rules of the Mormon Church. They are on the books but nobody heeds them because there is no penalty for violating the rules.


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Date:Dec 13, 2010
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