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Morinda Bioactives launches new Fit Joint supplement.

M2 PHARMA-May 9, 2012-Morinda Bioactives launches new Fit Joint supplement(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS

Bioactive product company Morinda Bioactives (formerly Tahitian Noni International) on Wednesday announced it has released seven new Fit Body Composition Supplements, one of which is Fit Joint.

Fit Joint is said to deliver a unique bioactive blend which includes glucosamine HCL, chondroitin, and hydrolyzed collagen, which is said to have been proven in numerous studies to rebuild cartilage while promoting joint health and flexibility.

Other key benefits of Fit Joint are that it is said to help: promote the natural process of cartilage and collagen regeneration; support joint mobility, cushioning and flexibility; and relieve minor joint pain associated with wear and tear on the joints.

The other supplements which have recently been released include Fit Heart, Fit Artery, Fit Eye, Fit Bone, Fit Menopause, and Fit Prostate. Each product has been formulated to address specific needs and has been formulated to complement the rest of the Fit Body Composition System.

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Publication:M2 Pharma
Date:May 9, 2012
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