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Morgan Reynolds Publishing.

Morgan Reynolds Publishing

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Two fine young adult nonfiction books are top picks for libraries seeking biographies of over 100 pages each. Roberta Baxter's FIRE, WATER AND AIR: THE STORY OF ANTOINE LAVOISIER (1599350874) tells of a wealthy Frenchman who planned to become a lawyer, but who curiosity about science led him to pursue chemistry as his career. His choice would help change the face of chemistry, disproving old theories and finding new approaches to make chemistry more approachable even as politics in the form of the French Revolution was changing his life. Jeff C. Young's POLITICAL PROFILES: MICHELLE OBAMA (1599350904) provides a young adult's biography of Michelle Obama, who moved from a poor Chicago childhood to Harvard Law School and her encounters with a summer hire named Barack. Their increasing involvement in politics would lead to the White House in this story of their rise to power. Roberta Baxer's MICHAEL FARADAY AND THE NATURE OF ELECTRICITY (1599350866) offers some 140 pages of biographical facts about the discoverer of electro-magnetism. Michael Faraday was born the son of a blacksmith and was apprenticed to a bookbinder at an early age, but developed a passion for science that led him to a job as a scientist's assistant.

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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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