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Morehouse, Lyda. Fallen host.

Penguin Putnam, Roc. 339p. c2002. 0-451-45879-6. $6.99. SA

In the future, governments become theocracies, with the populace required to affiliate with a faith in order to be considered citizens. Only citizens have access to the LINK, a complete network into which people are physically linked with implants. As one might expect, an alternative exists for the disenfranchised, called, created by a programmer who calls himself Mouse. Mouse has also created an electronic entity called Page that seems to have taken on a personality and autonomy. Enter Emmaline, an Inquisitor charged by the Pope to determine whether artificial intelligences have souls. In her quest, Emmaline encounters Morningstar, a fallen angel (yes, that one) who has a mission of his own.

Morehouse depicts a world on edge in her fast-paced, thought-provoking narrative, with fully realized characters. The viewpoints shift between Page, Emmaline and Morningstar, and through this device the plot becomes more multidimensional. Although a sequel to a previous novel, Archangel Protocol, the title stands alone well.

Donna L. Scanlon, Children's Libn., Lancaster Cty Lib., Lancaster, PA
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Author:Scalon, Donna L.
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 2002
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