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More volume from Kurz for the Bank of Israel.

Preparations are underway for the launch later this year of the two remaining denominations of the Series C New Israeli Shekel (NIS) currency--the 20 and 100 banknotes. Like the NIS 50 and 200 banknotes both the latest 20 and 100 notes will feature a KINEGRAM VOLUME[R] (KV) foil stripe provided by KURZ.

As is the case for both the NIS 50 (which was the first note to feature KV) and the 200 banknotes (see HN, February 2016), both the NIS 20 and 100 foil stripe feature holographic images of the note denomination '20' and '100' and the Israeli state symbol--a menorah (seven-branched candlestick) that appears on tilting. The KV stripes appear red for both denominations, whereas green foil stripes are being used on the 50 and 200 Shekels.

Other security features include SICPA's printed SPARK[R] feature, a watermark comprising a portrait and denomination value, double sided intaglio, a windowed thread, micro-perforation, micro-text, a see-through element and UV features.

In addition, the new banknotes have been designed to assist the visually impaired to distinguish between the various denominations. Each new denomination in the series has a different length, with a difference of 7mm between them (starting at 129mm for the lowest denomination), unique intaglio tactile marks for each denomination on both front edges, large contrasting fonts and one dominant colour (as above) for each denomination.

The development of KV by Kurz, which first appeared at the 2009 Banknote Conference, involved overcoming a number of technical challenges, including developing a sufficiently thin photopolymer product and reaching the durability standards required for banknote foil applications.

According to Kurz, a significant amount of materials and process development was undertaken to build an in-house customised production machine for the KV product.

A roll-to-roll web process was developed operating at high speeds for the banknote foil volumes required. Like other KINEGRAM[R] stripe and patch foil products, the KV product is applied using the usual hot stamping process.

According to the Bank, the development of the new series was not just a challenge for itself and its suppliers, but represented a step change in the way projects of this nature involving multiple stakeholders are managed.

In particular, a series of roundtables for the suppliers of the different elements (eg. substrates, foil, inks, features etc) was initiated--comprising quarterly face-to-face meetings and monthly teleconference meetings. This resulted in a hands-on approach to both the challenges and the need for cooperation, and established a new model for advancing projects involving several suppliers.

The result, said the Bank, is that Series C has a standard of security, innovation and accessibility that is among the most advanced in the world, and incorporates a range of cutting edge anti-counterfeiting security features, based on various technologies.

As part of the early preparations for the launch of the 20 and 100 denominations, the Bank of Israel provided initial samples of the banknotes in December 2016 to manufacturers, providers and operators of vending, counting and sorting machines that are required to calibrate their machines to accept the new banknotes.

The launch date for the NIS 20 and 100 is yet to be finalised but will be during 2017.;;

Caption: The New 20 and 100 Shekel Banknotes featuring the Kinegram Volume Stripe.


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Publication:Holography News
Date:Feb 1, 2017
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