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More to be done in aged care.

The ANF and the NSWNA have run a very highprofile campaign--Because we care--to gain recognition for nurses and more resources in the aged care sector. The Gillard Labor Government has started to respond but the sector still requires more commitment and funding.

The Gillard Labor Government has finally recognised the need for better planning of the aged care workforce. In this year's Budget it committed $130 million to train and support aged care nurses.

Over the next four years, the Labor Government will invest more than $310 million to help build a highly skilled aged care workforce.

It will provide more training places and financial incentives for aged care workers and nurses to undertake further training and enhance their careers, focusing on clinical care. Over the next four years the Government will fund more than 31,000 aged care training places and scholarships.

It will provide financial incentives for aged care providers to offer up to 400 nursing graduate placements, which will help new graduates to benefit from experience, clinical support and mentoring. The Government has also promised up to 640 clinical training placements to improve clinical training and supervision.

Up to 40 aged care Nurse Practitioner scholarships will be available and $18.7 million will fund 25 projects to develop, test and evaluate the use of Nurse Practitioners in aged care.

The Government will also provide $60 million over four years to provide financial incentives for aged care workers to undertake further studies. It will also establish Teaching Nursing Homes to build better linkages between research and training institutions.

Productivity Commission to provide a plan

The Federal Labor Government has recognised the poor planning in aged care over the past decade and asked the Productivity Commission to prepare a blueprint to take the aged care sector forward.

Aged care workers and their unions, aged care providers, consumer organisations and the public will be able to have their say to the Commission.

The Commission has been asked to examine all parts of the system--from financial structures to social participation and workforce requirements. It will provide the ANF and the NSWNA with a vehicle to push for the closing of the wages gap between aged care nurses and public health system nurses.
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Title Annotation:ELECTION 2010: AGED CARE
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Date:Aug 1, 2010
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