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More than 80 percent of Taiwanese children own a cell phone, half going online without parental control: survey.

Above 85 percent of children and youth owned a personal cell phone and 56 percent go online without parental controls as the total amount of time spent online tripled the hours for physical activities, according to a survey published on Oct. 30 by Cyber Angel's Pick, reported CNA.

The survey, titled 2018 Long-term Observation of Safe Internet Surfing among Taiwanese Children (2018) collected 16,169 valid answers of children and students from 190 schools across the country, including 57 elementary schools, 30 junior high schools, 57 senior high schools, and 46 universities.

The survey revealed that around 85.2 percent in this age group use cell phones, with smartphones occupying around 95 percent of total ownership. Additionally, 56 percent of them are going online without parental controls, and around 16.5 percent of the respondents said they started using the internet at the age of 9.

As for the reasons to go online every day, watching movies ranked first, at 75.9 percent, while listening to music (71.3%), updating social media (65.8%), and playing online games (65.4%) rounded out the top five.

Another result from the survey was that children spent more time online than doing exercise, as the average amount of time playing sports was only 8.05 hours per week. Whereas, they spent an average of 24.32 hours every week on the internet, and 26.39 hours using a smartphone.

Head of Division Welfare Services for Children and Youth, Wang Hui-i said the relationship between parents and children has had a fundamental change as it is more typical to see parents checking their phones while having a conversation with their children and inversely. She also added that parents seemed to be negligent when taking care of children, as she saw a mother gave her infant a smartphone to play with on the MRT.

Wang further called for a better supervision over the children to preclude online sexual exploitation, the reports said.

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Publication:Taiwan News (Taipei, Taiwan)
Date:Oct 30, 2018
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