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More than 80% of road accident cases closed because of countering statement: Wife of Deputy PM killed in road crash.

More than 80% of road accident cases in Kyrgyzstan are closed because of the countering statement, said Nora Suyunaliyeva, a widow of Deputy PM Temir Jumakadyrov who died in road crash last year.

Bishkek hosted March 1 the conference on road safety ensuring.

Syunaliyeva, a director of the public foundation in honor of Temir Jumakadyrov, told about a comparative analysis of accidents in the world and Kyrgyzstan.

"I propose to make amendments to the laws of Kyrgyzstan on the road accidents with fatalities. When a road accident with 3 deaths occur, the guilty one loses the driver license for 3 years. After 3 years, that person can drive again. We must toughen the penalty for deadly road accidents to avoid deadly road accidents," Suyunaliyeva said.

More than 80% of road accident cases are closed in Kyrgyzstan because of the countering statement. "It is a problem. We have a concept called kyrsyk (accident in Kyrgyz). I understand that accidents happen, but we cannot ignore them. We should change our views on the road accidents," she said.

She also recommended introducing a day in memory of victims of road accidents.

Temir Jumakadyrov was killed in road accident on October 7, 2017 when the 27-year-old Aftandil Taalaybek uulu lost control over the truck and collided head on with the Toyota Land Cruiser of Jumakadyrov. Three people were killed, including Jumakadyrov.

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Date:Mar 1, 2018
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