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More success with the Peskin protocol.

I was lent a copy of Townsend Letter (August/September 2007, in which I discovered some of the work of Dr. Brian Peskin. His article summarizes his work beautifully, but I recommend his book to those who really want to understand what he advocates for their health. The book is 550 pages of information, but it is printed in an easy-to-read typeset.

I started supplementing with omega l6 (unadulterated) and omega 3 fatty acids in the proper ratios and using the parent oils. What is very interesting is that I had received a red blood cell (RBC) membrane test in June 2007, done by Genova Diagnostics of Asheville, North Carolina. In spite of a normal diet (with all those excess omega 6 foods), my omega 6s were low and my omega 3s were very high high. I had been supplementing with quality fish oil prior to this test. Genova interpreted these results as potentially leading to more degenerative diseases.

After six months, the test was repeated in December 2007-five months after I began taking omega 6 and omega 3 supplements and stopped the fish oil. My omega 6s and 3s were in the normal range. Genova did not mention any abnormality in the accompanying print-out. My cell wall had more linoleic acid (parent omega 6) than any other essential fatty acid. My ratio of 6/3 went from 1.3 to 1 to 3.2 to 1. The only obvious change in my health has been that my skin improved. My HDLs went from 30 to 45, and my triglycerides went from 180 to 110. However, I had increased my Niaspan (niacin vitamin B3)

Roy Christian, MD
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Author:Christian, Roy
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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