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More size reduction sales, so Urschel needs more space.

Urschel International Ltd. Nederland is doing more business in precision cutting equipment for the food industry, so the Dutch division of Valparaiso, Indiana, USA-headquartered Urschel Laboratories, Inc., has recently completed a 50% expansion.

The project created a total space of slightly more than 10,000 square feet (930 square meters). The larger confines encompass more office space, a new meeting room, greater stock keeping area, a new entranceway, and a larger demonstration area where customers are invited to observe their products being cut on Urschel equipment. Also, the building's exterior has been transformed through the expansion to reflect a straight looking, modern design.

Urschel International Ltd. Nederland began in 1986 with two people and has now grown to a staff of ten. This office is one of nine European locations under the Urschel Laboratories, Inc. subsidiary of Urschel International Ltd. established in Leicester, England in 1972.
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Title Annotation:News from Europe
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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