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More sessions by track: acquire comprehensive information from subject matter experts and industry leaders, and learn from your peers as you share.


* Lessons Learned About Environmental Health in the World of Child Care

* Beating the Odds: Eliminating Lead Exposure for Kids in the Nation's Capital

* Association Between Risk of Birth Defects and Arsenic Concentrations in Soils of China


* Hurricane Sandy: A Complex Environmental Health Communications Challenge

* Enhancing Planning and Preparedness: Development of an E-Learning Tool for Chemical Incidents

* Public Health Preparedness: Examination of Legal Language Authorizing Responses to Radiological Incidents

* Destructive Wildfires and Devastating Floods: EH's Response and Role in Recovery

* To Tweet or Not To Tweet: Leveraging Social Media for Environmental Health


* Food Safety Focus Series I: A National Collaborative Effort to Support the FDA National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards (Sponsored by Prometric and Skillsoft)

* Food Safety Focus Series II: Local Experiences With the FDA Retail Food Program Standards (Sponsored by Prometric and Skillsoft)

* Food Safety Apps Can Improve Food Safety Standards

* Applying a Behavior Change Model Proven to be Effective in Child Care Settings to Licensed Food Establishments

* Investigation of a Large Foodborne Illness Outbreak in Toronto, Canada

* Southern Nevada Health District THINK RISK Initiative

* FDA's Oral Culture Learner Project: Helping Food Employees Understand the Importance of Food Safety

* The Great Food Truck Race...for Food Safety

* Flip the Fear: How the FDA, ADA, and Lesley University Changed the Face of Public Health and Food Safety in 2013

* Nanotechnology Implications for Food and Food Safety


* Burning to Know: Neighborhood Mercury Exposure From Crematoriums

* Lead Poisoning Outbreak Resulting From Construction and Renovation at an Indoor Firing Range

* Smoke and Ash Deconstructed--Not Just Particles


* Hazard Assessment in Houses and Some Clever Software Tools

* Multi-Agency Approach in the Closure of a Motel

* Fungal Bioburden in Foreclosed Homes Using [] as an Indicator

* The Public Health Challenge of Hoarding

* Pesticide Usage and Pesticide Dust Concentrations in Residences of Asthmatic Children Living in Subsidized Housing in Philadelphia


* Developing Policy to Address Near Roadway Pollution Health Hazards

* Annoyance and Perception of Noise in Rural and Urban Areas of France

* Outside-the-Box Advocacy: Organizing Public Health's Engagement in Built Environment Advocacy

* Levels of Heavy Metals in Traffic-Related Particulate Matter Along a Major Motorway in Nigeria

* Keys to Facilitating Healthy Cities Partnership in Indonesia: A Case Study

* Air Quality Assessments Using Satellite Derived High Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals


* Building Agency Capacity

* Leadership Development: Key Considerations for Mentoring Millennials

* Characterization of Competencies Required for Successful Environmental Health Work

* American Academy of Sanitarians Presents an Environmental Health Master Class

* Building an Environmental Health Program of Excellence in a Time of Austerity

* Organizational Culture Change: A Local Experience of Going From Fair to Great

* Implications of the Affordable Care Act on Environmental Health


* Transfer of Property Requirements: Training, Certification, and Politics

* Grey Water and Water Reuse in the Southwest

* Market Impacts of Product Testing, Product Acceptance, and Regulations (NEHA/SORA session)

* Onsite Wastewater Treatment and the Value of Independent Certification

* The Proliferation of Blue-Green Algae: Context, Challenges, and Innovative Solutions

* Realtors and Environmental Health, Partners in a Successful Mandatory Point-of-Sale Program


* Don't Gamble With Norovirus: Prevention, Control, and Containment of a Norovirus Outbreak in a Casino

* Issues and Challenges: Investigation of a Foodborne Outbreak in Jamaica

* Investigation of a Foodborne Illness Outbreak in Toronto, Canada


* Chlorine Resistant Pathogen Treatment Strategies for Recreational Water (NEHA/ APSP session)

* Gage-Bidwell Law of Purification: Old Errors Corrected and New Relevance Identified (NEHA/APSP session)

* Developing a Drowning Prevention Awareness Program That Works for You (NEHA/APSP session)

* Hot Tub and Spa Inspection Data: The Power to Prevent Illness and Injury

* Pool and Spa Safety Act Program: Implementation and Findings in Seattle and King County


* Food-Safe Schools: Food Safety Beyond the Cafeteria

* School Indoor Air Quality Improvement: Lessons from Multnomah County, Oregon

* Correcting Corrections: Surviving Jail Inspections and High Risk Inmate Activities


* Climate Change and Sustainability: Navigation of Governance, Energy, and Built Environment Opportunities

* Triggers for Change in the Safest Place on Earth

* International Perspectives on Climate Change and the Role of Environmental Health

* Climate Change Impacts and Options: Case Studies in the Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska


* Help! Everyone Wants My Data: A Look at Streamlining Data Collection for Environmental Health Programs

* Building Agency Capacity

* Environmental Public Health Tracking: Developing Nationally-Consistent Community Environmental Health Profiles

* Public Health Mythbusters

* Using the Lean Program to Improve Efficiency in Environmental Health Services

* Implementation of GIS for Research on Neural Tube Defects in China

* Pick a Favorite Technology To Help You Improve Inspection-Based Hand Washing


* University Integrated Pest Management Program Success With GIS Mapping Software

* Integrated Approach to Malaria Prevention in Uganda: Experiences From a Pilot Project

* Hantavirus in Northern Arizona: Investigation and Response

* Stamping Out Bed Bugs: An Organization and Systems Approach in Action

* New Urban Rat Control Program Development in the Post Recessionary Environment

* Using Heat to Treat for Bed Bugs in a Homeless Shelter

* Get Results! Tools for Managing a Public Health Nuisance Program


* Tools and Data for Identifying Areas With a High Potential for Private Well Contamination

* Using a Rapid Bacteria Screening Method to Assess Legionella Risk

* Containing an Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis in Galway: The Role of the Environmental Health Service

* An Innovative Response to Preventing Legionellosis Outbreaks

* Arsenic in Iowa's Groundwater--The Unknown Threat: A Pilot Study in Cerro Gordo County

Be a voice.

You Spoke, We Listened...

NEHA used your participation in our 2014 Abstracts Blog and your responses to our conference surveys as guidance in choosing sessions and developing the training and education program. THANK YOU for giving us feedback so we can advance the proficiency of the environmental health profession AND help create bottom line improvements for your organization!


* The Great Food Truck Race ... for Food Safety

* Restroom Infection Control: Chlorhexidine, the Final Frontier

* Arsenic in Iowa's Groundwater--The Unknown Threat: A Pilot Study in Cerro Gordo County

* Triggers for Change in the Safest Place on Earth

* Disaster Management Challenges From NonCommunicable Diseases: Lessons Learned and Questions Going Forward


* Inspection technology and use of apps in EH:

** Help! Everyone Wants My Data: A Look at Streamlining Data Collection for Environmental Health Programs

** Enhancing Planning and Preparedness: Development of an E-Learning Tool for Chemical Incidents

** Focusing Disney Magic on Food Safety

** Food Safety Apps Can Improve Food Safety Standards

** Using the Lean Program to Improve Efficiency in Environmental Health Services

* The Leadership/Management track will address your concerns related to:

** The future of the EH practice

** Demonstrating program effectiveness

** Value and return on investment for environmental health programs

** Building agency capacity under reduced budgets and staffing collaborations/programs

* Hoarding, bed bugs, and rats--we've got them covered in our Vector Control & Zoonotic Diseases and Healthy Homes and Communities tracks!

* Evaluation of the built environment and its link to public health--check out sessions in the Land Use Planning & Design track!

Schedule is subject to change.

SAT // July 5   SUN // July 6                 MON // July 7

EHAC Meeting    EHAC Meeting                  NEHA Board of
                                              Directors Meeting


IFEH Council    International Environmental   * Industry-Foodborne
Meeting         Health Faculty Forum          Illness Investigation
                Business Meeting              Training and Recall
                                              Response Workshop

                                              * Model Aquatic Health
                                              Code Workshop

                                              * NEHA/SORA Onsite
                                              Wastewater Field Trip

                International Environmental   IFEH Regional Meetings
                Health Faculty Forum &        AEHAP Annual Meeting
                EHAC Joint Meeting
                IFEH AGM Meeting

                                              Community Volunteer

                                              First Time Attendee

                                              Annual UL Event

TUE // July 8           WED // July 9            THU // July 10

Educational             Exhibition Open          Town Hall Assembly
Sessions                * Poster Session

International           * Silent Auction         CCFS Course
EH-IFEH Special         Student Research         Educational Sessions
Sessions                Presentations

"Thank You Luncheon"    CCFS Course
for guests staying
at the AEC designated                            International EH-IFEH
hotel for two or        Networking Luncheon      Special Sessions
more nights             (Sponsored by American
                        Public University)

Awards Ceremony &                                SORA Educational
Keynote Address         Educational Sessions     Sessions

Exhibition              International EH-IFEH
* Grand Opening &       Special Sessions
Party                                            President's Banquet
* Poster Session

FRI // July 11          SAT // July 12           SUN // July 13

Credentials &           Credentials &            Credentials &
Certifications          Certifications           Certifications

* CCFS Exam             * CP-FS Course
                                                 * CP-FS Exam
* CP-FS Course          * REHS/RS Course
                                                 * REHS/RS Course &
* REHS/RS Course        * CPO(r) Course & Exam     Exam

* CPO(r) Course           * HACCP: Managing
                        Risks for Foodservice
* HACCP: Managing       and Retail Food
Risks for Foodservice   Operations Exam
and Retail Food
Operations Course       * HACCP Basics for
                        Processors and
* HACCP Basics for      Manufacturers
Processors and

AEHAP = Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs

EHAC = National Environmental Health Science &
Protection Accreditation Council

IFEH = International Federation of Environmental Health

SORA = State Onsite Regulators Alliance

Stay at the designated AEC hotel-The Cosmopolitan of Las
Vegas-for two or more nights and attend a free

"Thank You Luncheon" on Tuesday, July 8. Certain
terms and conditions apply. See Web site for details.
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