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More seniors are turning to self-care for vain relief.

NEW YORK -- While rates of smoking and excessive drinking have declined among older Americans, the prevalence of chronic disease has risen, and many older Americans are unprepared to afford the costs of long-term care in a nursing home, according to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau commissioned by the National Institutes of Health.

One implication of that finding is that more seniors will turn to self-care with nonprescription products available from chain drug stores, such as items for chronic pain.

To help meet that demand, Performance Health offers Perform Pain Reliever, which provides cold therapy for sore muscles, joint discomfort and arthritis. With a formula that mimics ice, it can be used before, during and after activity, providing a pain management solution throughout each step of the user's wellness journey, says a company spokeswoman.

As the sister brand of Biofreeze, a leading topical analgesic in physical therapy, athletic training and chiropractic practices, Perform draws on the expertise of a company that has provided top-level pain management products through the years to people of all abilities and conditions, she says.

With multiple delivery formats allowing for hands-free application, such as Perform Roll-On and Perform 360[degrees] Spray, the brand helps provide solutions for seniors who may deal with arthritis or discomfort in the hands, as well as allowing those looking for an easy "no mess" application the luxury of not having to rub in the product. Even Perform Pain Relieving Gel is designed with an easy-to-open flip-top cap to give the user a simple-to-use package with an effective product inside.

Keeping consumers and their experience in the forefront is a priority for the brand, which since its inception in 2009 has seen steady growth in the external analgesics category. The brand's goal is simple: provide solutions to consumers that allow them to do the things they need and love to do each day with relief from pain, says the spokeswoman.

For its part, Brownmed has launched the Intellinetix Vibrating Pain Relief Mask for eye strain, headaches, migraines, puffy eyes, sinus pain and post surgery. The mask is said to be ideal for resting, meditation, relief from travel exhaustion, and for eye relief after hours of computer work or gaming.

The new Intellinetix Vibrating Knee/Elbow Wrap can be used for osteoarthritis, patella tendonitis and joint discomfort, and the Intellinetix Vibrating Shin Wrap can be used for shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and calf muscle injuries.

All three products have small motors providing targeted vibration therapy.

Coming out next month, the Nice Stretch Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve can be used for relief of plantar fasciitis, heel pain and Achilles tendonitis. The sleeve provides balanced compression and support to the ankle, arch and heel.

Comfortable enough to wear the entire day, the sleeve is enhanced with X-Stretch technology to help distribute pressure more evenly across the foot.

The X-Stretch design mimics the taping methods typically recommended by medical professionals for prevention and relief of plantar fasciitis, heel pain and Achilles tendonitis.

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Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Nov 24, 2014
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