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More roads don't ease congestion; Letters.

DEAR Editor, This is a complaint on the Post's coverage of car-related articles (M6 Toll, parking levy, parking...).

I find that these articles misinform your readers by claiming more road/parking space decreases congestion.

The latest article on the M6 Toll quotes the following statement without countering it: "Cutting fees would lead to more motorists using it and less congestion on other roads."

Yet, studies consistently show that building more roads (or making them free in the case of the M6 Toll) encourages people to drive, which then leads to an increase in demand for road space.

More roads (or more free roads) will increase the volume of traffic, inactivity and pollution but will not decrease congestion.

Birmingham is the most obese city in the Europe and has illegal and dangerous levels of pollution. Both issues are caused by car use and are disproportionately affecting children in our city.

Stop misinforming your readers on matters linked to public health.

Andre Berthineau By email

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Apr 28, 2016
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