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More recession indicators.

More Recission Indicators

The market for recycled mixed paper in Little Rock hit rock bottom this month, according to one local dealer. Nobody wants to buy the stuff.

Recycled paper comes in various groupings and mixed paper is the lowest grade used to make roofing shingles. Central Arkansas' Goldman and Co. - the largest paper recycler in the state - had been paying up to 30 cents per 100 pounds of mixed paper.

But as the demand to make new shingles began to slack this winter, the price steadily dropped to 25 cents, 10 cents, and now, nothing.

Top of the line recycled paper, still goes for $4 per 100 pounds, and Goldman is buying all that comes through the door. That paper stock is reprocessed into typing paper for which demand still runs high.

Seeing Orange

Ever wonder who owns those orange barrels you see at highway construction sites across Arkansas?

It's not the state.

Officials at the Highway and Transportation Department say almost all of the barrels belong to private contractors. However, if a barrel is struck by a car, the state must pay for it.

If someone decides to steal one of the beautiful orange barrels to decorate a dorm room, the contractor must pay. Contractors also must pay to replace barrels that have deteriorated.

The price per barrel varies with each contract. Last year, the high was $85 per barrel for the length of the contract; the low was $40 per barrel and the average was $59.10 per barrel.

One can't help but think the state might save money over the long run by buying thousands of orange barrels at bulk rates and loaning them to the contractors.
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Title Annotation:market for recycled mixed paper in Little Rock AR hits rock bottom
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Feb 18, 1991
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