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More reasons why.

In "Why Are Gas Prices Climbing?" (May 3 issue), you describe how government regulation and taxes drive up the price of gasoline. This is far from the only way that the government increases the cost of driving. Government mandates and regulations have driven up the cost of vehicles.

Air conditioners can no longer use Freon, which is more efficient than alternative refrigerants and requires expensive modifications to new and existing A/C components. Then there is the so-called safety equipment mandated by the Nanny State. This equipment adds thousands of dollars to the price of the vehicle. If this safety equipment is so great, why not make it optional?

And then there are the increased injuries and fatalities because of the CAFE regulations. Manufacturers have been forced to decrease the size and weight of vehicles to meet these standards. A smaller and lighter vehicle is just not as safe as a larger and heavier vehicle. How come the busybodies never mention these facts? I guess the next thing is for the politicians to pass a law requiring more BTU's per gallon of gasoline or a decrease in the gravitational constant.


Great Neck, New York
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Title Annotation:Letters To The Editor
Author:Last, Howard
Publication:The New American
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:May 31, 2004
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